ᴍʀꜱ. ʜᴇᴀᴠᴇɴ ᴀɴᴅɪᴇ ᴡᴇᴀꜱʟᴇʏ

I solemnly swear to my Love..

Hello, I'm Mrs. Heaven Andie Weasley nice to meet you! [the baby in the picture is our daughter, and her name is Izzie for short!]

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“Where is my friend, the one I have known since I was just a kid.”



Animagus: Weasel 

[←What it looks like!]

Amortentia: Honey, Apples, Vinegar, Sea Salt, bubblegum mouthwash, Chai Tea,horse fur

Boggart: Losing my husband and daughter

Mirror of Erised: Seeing the world together

Patronus: Silver Snake

House: Gryffindor

Second House: Slytherin




Name: Mrs. Heaven Andie Weasley

Birthday: April 4th 

Husband: Fred Weasley

Daughter: Izabella Elanor Weasley [Nicknamed: Izzie]



Mother- Unknown [But later finds out it was Lilly evans]

Father- Sirius Black

Step-Brother- Harry Potter

Step-Brother- Levi Adrian Potter

Step-Sister- Aniyah Potter



Tommy-Lee Elliot Black

Madison Lily Black

Draco Malfoy


Godfather- James Potter

Godmother- Molly Weasley



Rp Info [Rules!]

× Please have at least a detailed paragraph [It’s okay if you can’t do it all the time just at least try please!]

× DON’T SPAM- just wait please as I will be busy as I have a life outside HiH okay!!

× Please let me know if anything in the Rp makes you uncomfortable [Like if I accidentally used a TRIGGER or SOMETHING YOU DON’T LIKE!]

× DON’T START AND RP WITH ME: if you start one and realize you can’t finish it Please do INFORM ME I will understand honestly as I know it’s hard for people to focus outside of work and outside hih as well!!

× The Ages my Oc’s are in are from [16-28] as those are the comfortable ages for me to Rp as so let me know as age doesn’t bother me in Rp just please make it to where you're comfortable!

× HELP WRITE THE ACTION SCENES don’t let it be a one sided Rp as it’s no fun to do!

Rp Info [Rp’s I do!]



× Harry Potter

× Stranger Things

× 100

× Walking Dead

× Arcane

× Sam and Colby[Youtubers]

× TFIL [Youtubers]

× Until Dawn



× Boss x Co-Worker

× Principal x Student

× Teacher x Student

× Yandere Next Door neighbor x best friend

× Mafia Right Hand x Mafia Boss

× Youtuber Yandere x New Youber/Fan

× Stalker x Innocent One



~ Mother x Daughter

~ Mother x Son

~ Father x Son

~ Father x Daughter

~ Uncle x Nephew

~ Uncle x Niece 

~ Aunt x Niece

~ Aunt x Niece

~ Step-Mother x Daughter

~ Step-Mother x Son

~ Step-Father x Son

~ Step-Father x Daughter

~ Step-Brother x Sister

~ Step-Brother x Sister

~ Step-Sister x Sister

~ Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male or Female] x Son

~ Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male or Female] x Daughter

~ Brother x Sister

~ Brother x Brother

~ Sister x Sister

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