Primrose Chaya Greengrass

Sup BTCHES!!!!

"Don't say another word....." He smirks "Or what." she says while walking away showing her two middle fingers at the boy behind her as she walked away.

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“Oh, you'll regret doing the devil dirty like that He believed that I could take a beating (ooh) But the bruises down my back don't mean a damn thing (ooh) Cause I brought the god of war to his knees With the back of my hand wiped his blood from my cheek.”



Hello Bitches n Gent’s Welcome I’m Primrose Chaya Greengrass

Theme Song:

smooth criminal- Michael Jackson

Personal Life

Birthday- September 23rd 

Sexuality-Bi [but can do straight for Rp but Bi for Rp purposes!]


Mother- Aquila Greengrass

Father- Gareth Greengrass

Little Sister- Astoria Greengrass [Only by two or three years]

Wand: 12 inches/38 cm and has an elegant look to it. The particular strand of Cedar Wood


Amortentia: Feather, Sand, mint toothpaste, lake water, quartz rose, yellow rose 

Mirror of Erised: Seeing herself as a quidditch seeker as she is excently at it

Boggart: Failing her friends and sister



Fred and George, Percy, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger


Enemies [but secretly love]

Fred, Cedric, Luna [I’d could never hate her she’s the best]



Info for RolePlaying with me!

๐Ÿ„ No Mary Sues

๐Ÿ„Don’t SPAM if I haven’t responded it’s probably because I’m busy sleeping working or have something to do outside HiH!

๐Ÿ„I don’t have any triggers as I’m completely fine with anything so use what you want but, DON’T force yourself to write something that makes you uncomfortable as it’s awkward for the both of us!

๐Ÿ„Cursing is fine or 18+/NSFW content is fine with me as well as none mature content just let me know K



Things I simply won’t do as I hate them or find them awkward.

Adoption Rp, Neiko x Human, Demon x Angel, [Parts for Rp, Yandere or the enemy As I hate being the mean one even though I know it’s for Rp I still don’t like it!] 



Basic Rp’s I do


Harry Potter

Walking Dead


Stranger Things


The Last Kingdom

The Witcher

Chronicles of Narnia




Student x Teacher


 Co-Worker x Boss


 Friends to Lovers


 Yandere x Innocent Friend


Muggle #2


 Step-Sister x Step-Sister


 Step-Brother x Step-Sister


 Step-Brother x Step-Brother


 Mother x Son


 Mother x Daughter


 Step-Mother x Step-Daughter


 Step-Mother x Step-Son


 Father x Daughter


 Father x Son


 Step-Father xStep-Daughter


 Step-Father xStep-Son


 Aunt x Niece


 Aunt x Nephew


 Uncle x Nephew


 Uncle x Niece


 Next door Neighbor [Adult Female or Male] x Daughter


 Next door Neighbor [Adult Female or Male] x Son


 Brother x Sister


 Sister x Sister


 Brother x Brother


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