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I always felt like an outsider. I was the kid who loved spending time reading a thousand books, or fantasising about places that do not even exist. And I loved maths, and physics, and science. And solving riddles! And of course there were those strange accidents happening around me every once in a while, that nobody could explain. Because of all of that, I was kind of a loner, and people used to call me weird. When I was little that used to hurt, a lot. But growing up I realised that being different did not mean being weird. It meant I was my own person and I was not afraid of showing that. It meant thinking with my own head, seeing things differently compared to the rest of the people. And it meant not feeling like I had to be just one of the many, it meant being unique. And it meant that people called me that just because they did not understand me. So with time I became proud of 'being weird', because to me it meant being special, different, not easily read, and I started agreeing with people when they called me weird, saying "yes, I am weird, I know", smiling proudly. That is why I was not surprised when I was sorted into Ravenclaw. The sorting hat took about 3 seconds to decide! And it felt good to finally have a place where I belong, a place with people who understand me, and who understand that sometimes I just need to spend time with myself and a book. And of course, it was great to finally find people who had magic, like me! Being a muggleborn, that was something I have always missed! I mean, my little sister received her letter, too, but that happened two years after I did, so we already knew the Wizarding World was real by that time. By the way, my sister is a Slytherin! She was so excited when she heard. I was a bit sad we weren't in the same house, but at least we can hear about each other experiences in different houses, and that is just amazing!

I did not receive my letter for Hogwarts when I was 11 years old. I lived in a country with no schools for wizards and witches, so most of the kids are homeschooled, if they are lucky enough to have parents with magic knowledge. So I went to a Muggle high school and university. However, after moving here, I finally received my letter and so here I am now!

I love being at Hogwarts, especially learning everything I can about magic. My favourite classes, at the moment, are Arithmancy and Astronomy (my mum is an astronomer and a maths teacher in a muggle school!), but I also love Charms, Transfiguration and Study of Ancient Runes. I am not sure what I would like to do after I graduate, but I am fascinated by Curse-Breakers, so maybe I will give that a try, I am a problem solver at heart, so maybe that could be the thing for me. Although I would love to be able to also do something to make the world a place that is fair for everybody. So that people can have the same opportunities regardless of their race, gender, blood status, or cultural background.

I have a black fluffy cat, called Muffin, that follows me everywhere!
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