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I'm starting my first year at Hogwarts and I'm so excited! I was quite the hatstall, the Soting Hat was hesitating between Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff...Though he eventually made his mind up for Ravenclaw. I'm quite proud actually, Ravenclaw is my favourite house, a shame I won't get free endless pancakes every morning in my common room though... I'm looking forward to learning every area of magic that I can, even History of Magic, though it'll probably be my least favorite... I'm particularly excited about Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions and Herbology, though I'd be thrilled to thoroughly learn about every subject available... I wonder if I'll even manage... I might end up needing a Time-Turner in a couple years (I could drop Muggle Studies- why am I even thinking about this, I still have time). I might study wandlore on the side as well, and even make wands as a hobby. I might also study the Dark Arts, not really to use them myself, but it's useful to know how they work, to understand how people who practice the Dark Arts perceive the world, to try understand them, and to use that knowledge as an advantage to try and think like them when I need to and, corner them for example.
I don't plan on living on the dark side of magic, either the grey or light one.
I still don't know what I want to be in the future... there are so many options I want to try... I like the idea of being an Auror actually, but that's just one of the main professions I'm considering.
I really wanna put my magical ability to use, whatever path I end up choosing.
I'm an only child (I hope it stays so)... I was born in France, but moved to south of Scotland at 6 years old. I'm halfblood, my dad's a muggle and my mom's a witch. Dad's French, mom's Scottish, she met my dad in France on vacation from Scotland and ended up moving in with him a couple years later. My mom, Vera, got me interested in plants and Herbology at a young age, I know quite a few homemade remedies to basic health issues; she's a rabbit Animagus. My dad, George, is a high school teacher, he teaches math and physics. My parents didn't know I'd be a witch, I showed no signs until quite late... We were all so happy when I got my Hogwarts letter! I jolted with excitement and ran around the house creaming for at least until a week later!! I attended a Muggle primary school, my favorite classes were art, music, science, french and math. I was quite a good student. Good grades, no trouble (that the school noticed at least, when it comes to trouble I'm quite stealthy and sneaky, I don't like cheating on tests though, it was any type of mischief but that), but unfortunately I'm very unorganized, I procrastinate A LOT, and am often late to class (I doubt I'll be as unorganized and as much of a procrastinator at Hogwarts, though I might still be late...). I wasn't popular, I was quite a loner actually, either I'd spend recess alone or with a friend or two of mine. I'm quite quirky and am comfortable and honest with myself, early on I was a bit more affected by being the slight outcast I was, but now I've embraced it and love it. I'm ambiverted. I pride myself on my optimism, creativity, originality, intelligence (at least I think I'm intelligent, I'm not really sure really, I guess it depends what we compare it to) and kindness.
I'm quite glad I won't have to worry about Voldemort... They all say he's gone since this summer's event but I still reckon he'll come around some day. I just hope it'll be after I graduate at least if he does.
I can't wait to sneak around the castle and discover its secrets. If I end up having friends, which I hopefully will, I would like to go on night adventures with them (or even alone). Maybe not every night but every other one sounds good.
In terms of magical knowledge and abilities I wanna learn extra stuff by myself separately from classes, because there are so many spells, hexes, jinxes, things in general I'm too impatient to learn, some wouldn't even be taught at school.
I want to become a (cat) Animagus, but I don't think I'll register myself, not until I graduate at least. I have an owl and a cat. I can't take two pets to Hogwarts so the cat stays at home with my parents. He's a breed between a Kneazle and a normal cat. He has black fur and orange eyes. His name is Sparklez. My owl is a mixture of different shades of brown; she has more of a round shape. Her name is Rowan.
If there ever is a Triwizard Tournament while I'm at Hogwarts, as crazy as it sounds, I'm willing to maybe give it a go...
My family and I get along quite well at most times. The rest of my, actually quite small, family lives in France and we visit them from time to time, usually either during Christmas vacation and/or summer holidays.
My mother's best friend is Pandora Lovegood, they like experimenting together, though my mom prefers experimenting with plants than spells. I always love visiting her and her husband, I absolutely adore their house! I enjoy reading the Quibbler, I find it really interesting! I heard they had a daughter this year, Luna. I can already bet that we'll best friends in the future, even though she was just born a few months ago and has a 10 year age gap to me.
- Lily
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