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“We're all mad here” - Alice in wonderland

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RP genres:

  • Harry Potter

  • Medieval

  • Avatar: the Last Airbender

  • She-Ra

  • Fantasy worlds

  • Hunger Games

  • Percy Jackson

  • Magnus Chase

  • Modern

  • One Direction

  • Real life

  • Futuristic


My OCs


pronouns: she/they

genre: fantasy/medieval (that's just preferred, she can do any tho)

age: 17 (can vary per rp)

hogwarts house: slytherin

class: duchess

role: assassin

sexulity: pansexual

personality type: ENTP

powers: shadow travel, psychic

Theme song: Look what you made me do by Taylor Swift

Friends: Ryan (if your character has an impact on mine I will add it here)

aesthetic: cold winter nights, eyes gleaming in the dark, long nails, snow, eye rolls, abandoned castles, silver thrones, large rings, the sound of a dagger being unsheathed

Personality: sarcastic, sassy, idealistic, dreamy, care-free, generous, gives off "idgaf" energy, chill, vengeful, funny

looks: 5' 10", curly white hair, coffee skin, icy blue eyes (turn white when using powers), always wearing rings, freckles that reflect the stars above her.


Louis Selwyn

pronouns: he/they

age: 19

hogwarts house: slytherin

sexuality: unlabled

personality type: ENTJ

theme song: 18 by anarbor

Friends: Aurora

aesthetic: green led lights, eye contact from across the room, neck kisses, sitting on a throne, black nail polish, midnight walks, a hooded figure, smirking, eyeliner, a soft laugh in the dark

personality: clever, cunning, mysterious, determined, ambtious, secretive, sarcastic, intuitive

looks: messy black hair that almost reaches his shoulders, tattoos all over, apparent jawline and cheekbones, grey eyes, about 6' 3", toned


Aspen Nott

pronouns: she/he/they (genderfluid)

age: 16

hogwarts house: slytherin

sexuality: bisexual

personality type: INTP

theme song: what the hell by Avril Lavigne

friends: TBA

aesthetic: eye roll, smirking, laughing until you cry, raising one eyebrow, late night snack runs, staying up all night, led lights, singing in the shower, judgemental looks

personality: sarcastic, clever, funny, cunning, creative, secretive, never takes things seriously, short attention span, confused 24/7, ambitious, artistic

looks: 5' 3", short blonde hair, freckles, one blue eye and one green eye, nose ring on right side, skinny but not muscular in any way (look at pfp) 



-pls keep it pg or pg-13

-use correct grammar

-use at least 2 sentences when responding

-do not control my character

-if i do not respond do not keep sending the same thing over and over again, if it's been more than a week message me and ask me if i would like to continue the rp. I probably just lost our conversation or just forgot to respond. but if you continue to send the same thing i will most likely not respond.


About me

You can message me if you just want to talk, we can be friends (:

name: Rue

pronouns: she/he/they

house: slytherin

mbti: intp

enneagram: 5w4

zodiac sign: virgo ☀ virgo ☾ sagittarius ↑

favorite colors: olive green, sage green, browns

sexuality: bisexual

aesthetic: eye rolls, midnight skies, laughing until you cry, dancing under the stars, lying in a field with earbuds in, big dreams, mischievous smirks, hair flips, driving around at midnight, raising an eyebrow, scoffing

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