Ela Whitewood

Student / Tribrid

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Ela Whitewood was thought to be a pureblood witch, being born from the marriage of Adrien Whitewood and Cheryl Blackthorn. She grew up thinking the Whitewoods were her real family, but they actually took her in when her biological parents, her hybrid father (whom she doesn't know) and witch Christine Labonair disappeared. Much of her past is still a black hole.
Ela discovered her powers when she was very young, at the early age of 2. She was eating with her family and wanted to ask for a fork, when suddenly all the silverware of the house started dancing in front of her.
Being sorted in Slytherin was a little hard for her at first, having two Gryffindor parents, but now, she wouldn't want to be in any other Hogwarts house.
Her hobbies include quidditch( she is a keeper in her house team), reading and listening to music.

*Character Information*
Name: Ela Whitewood
Age: 16
Appearance: Ela has hazel-gray eyes, which can be very noticeable even from afar. Her hair is long and honey blonde, but it has recently been dyed pink. She is quite tall for her age(5'9), which was one of her insecurities when she was younger, but it doesn't bother her anymore, especially since she is a quidditch player.
Personality: A kind and clumsy girl, Ela is also happy, cheerful, and generous. She loves fashion, her friends and her family. She is confident in herself, but sometimes she struggles with self-confidence and self-esteem. She cares deeply for other people, and she usually puts their feelings and interests before her own, in some cases at a personal cost. Despite being genuinely kind, she does have her limits, which in some cases result in her acting impulsively and irrationally.
Her quick-thinking, resourcefulness, and wit are obvious, even when you meet her for the first time. Clever with her words, Ela occasionally also enjoys making puns.
Bloodstatus: Pureblood
Pet: A black cat with piercing green eyes
Patronus: Fox
Wand: Vine wood with a Dragon heartstring core, 12" and Supple flexibility.
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