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Character information:

Full name: Jarod Augustine Noble
Nickname: DragoWing
Born: 3rd Of June, 1988
Parents: Qetsiyah (Tessa) Amylia Gaunt-Noble and Kol Michael Noble
Blood-type: Pureblood
Patronus: Nebelung Cat
Wand: Silver Lime Wood, Unicorn Hair Core, 11 ½" , Quite Bendy Flexibility
Special abilities: Parselmouth, Spell Inventor, Dragon Tamer
House: Slytherin
Siblings: None

Jarod Augustine Noble is a proud member of the Noble family, a family who's very Honorable and tries to do their own damn thing. Jarod's parents are Qetsiyah (also known as Tessa) Amylia Gaunt-Noble and Kol Michael Noble. Tessa came from a long distance of the Gaunt family, thats why Jarod can probably speak Parselmouth.

Jarod is famous for being a Dragon Tamer, thats why his known as DragoWing, they are his favourite creatures in existance, thats why his pretty good at taming them and is known to have one as a pet. His name is Dovahkiin, rough translation would be Dragonborn.

Jarod also loves to Invent new spells, even very dangerous ones, he was known back in Hogwarts to not be affraid of anything, thats why he loves to test and invent new and powerfull spells...
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