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I am a muggleborn who was really shocked when an owl suddenly flew into my bedroom while I was trying to wrap my head around some Physics theories. I was even more surprised on reading the letter which it dropped on my bed. Maybe it was some sort of practical joke... or maybe not. So I decided to confirm it. And my mind was literally blown when I discovered my true identity. Anyways, I got sorted into Ravenclaw. And now at school, except for the two or three friends I have, everyone avoids me. They call me a freak, like they used to at my old muggle school back in India. Mainly because I have amazing powers of deduction, like Sherlock Holmes. Also because I know way more than my fellow third years do (even exceeding the other Ravenclaws). They think I will grow up to become some sort of a Dark Wizard (or Witch) like Grindelwald or Voldemort. Dear Lord, how pathetically idiotic they are.
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