Demmie Winterblade


Year 2 Student, Hufflepuff Housing, Twin named Desi, Pet imp named Ion, Pet Fairy named Twinkle, Brother named Triten, sister named Lennox

  • Joined September 2016
  • Member of Hufflepuff
  • 202 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


Twin. Hufflepuff. Returning and expecting a more positive experience thank my sister for talking me into coming back I wouldn't have on my own! I'm lazier than my sister. I have a twin her name is Desi Summerwalker. I was adopted out due to how powerful we were together (so powerful things would move and fly off shelves and walls). We come from a world unknown to many called Wizard City. We were forced to move to North America due to our magic abilities and for our own protection. Our magic was still progressing so our parents told her I died in a mandrake accident and they told me she died of the same fate so they could separate us and learn our magic individually. I got word she was out there, so I came searching for her. Now that we are reunited, we are here to progress magically and advance in our magical abilities and use what defense mechanisms to our advantage when we face off with evil former Professor of the Death School at Ravenwood Schools of Magical Arts (in Wizard City) named Malistaire Drake (whether she knows it or not, makes me nervous because some students in Wizard City have went missing and some have never came back and if they did they were lifeless), but yeah anything after that just ask we are very nice and open people!

dragon heartstring
12 in.
flexibility is quite bendy
it glows
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