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Even since Naomi was a little child, she was amazed by the idea of magic. Little did she know that it actually existed, since her parents were muggles. But when she grew older, strange things started to happen. She told her parents, who didn’t believe her. Her parents even considered the possibility that she’d gone mad, that something was wrong with her. This changed when the girl got her Hogwarts Letter. Her mother almost couldn’t believe herself for not trusting her daughter’s words, but Naomi understood. She realized how strange it must have sounded.

Her parents, maybe driven by some guilt they felt, immediately planned to go to Diagon Alley to get their daughter her school supplies. It was an amazing experience, but her favourite place was, without doubt, Olivander’s. She was paired with a 12 ¼ inch wand, made of Pine wood and with a core of Dragon Heartstring.

Not long after her trip to Diagon Alley, she walked into the Great Hall, towards the little chair and the Sorting Hat. She was nervous. Yes, it felt more than right to be there but she was anxious to enter this world as well. It took a while for the Hat to decide where she should go, telling her she could fit in most of them. However, she ended up being sorted into Slytherin, who received her with loud cheering.

She loved the courses, and worked hard to make sure she’d have the best grades she could get. She found that she was particularly interested in Care of Magical Creatures, Potions, Ancient Runes and Transfiguration. She also developed a great interest for wands, and everything that had to do with them. She would often sit in the library reading about wand lore. Another great interest of her, besides all other magical creatures she loved, was dragons. She was truly fascinated with them and couldn’t know enough about them. She became good friends with Hagrid during her time at Hogwarts, sharing an interest for magical creatures. However, Naomi understood that they were not to be kept as pets, especially not on Hogwarts grounds.

At the moment, she plans to study Magizoology after she graduates. She is interested in specializing in dragons, to eventually become a Dragonologist.
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