Charlotte Daisia Brown

My middle name Daisia means "Hope" and "Love and gift of God" but the base word of Daisia is Dasiy.

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Full name: Charlotte Daisia Brown
Nicknames: Char, and Charlie.
Siblings: Emma and Rose Brown (Both forester siblings) Nia and Noell Zaga (Brown) (both adopted by my foster parents)
Biologically Parents: Carol, and John Nelson
Foster Parents: Kate, and William Brown
Birthday: February 14
Pets: A cat named Sky (Female) and a dog named Glacier (Male)
Patronus: Horse
Blood Status: Muggle-born but adopted by a half-blood family.
Loves: Nature, animal, and my family.
Hobbies: Dancing, painting, going bike riding, hiking, hanging with my sisters, and running
Type of Dance: Ballet, and Jazz
Favorite subject: Care Of Magical Creatures, and Herbology.

My OC'S:

<summary>Charlotte Brown<summary>
House: Hufflepuff

<summary>Willow Emma Smith</summary>

Magical school: Beauxbatons Academy of Magic for 1st & 2nd year then moves Hogwarts
Beauxbatons house: Papillonlisse (Papillonlisse is well known for kindness, artistic ability, maturity, and idealistically)
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
Personality: quiet at first but then bubbly
Used in this group:

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