Molly Riddle-Black

Parseltongue, Metamorphmagus

Ok before you befriend me just know I am a Death Eater, but I am still a really good person once you get to know me (I have 0 Horucruxes)

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<iframe width="100%" height="300" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src=""></iframe>I've been interested in magic far before I could walk, and when I was in kindergarten, I made the class snake fly to the next-door classroom and it hit my enemy, Bethany, on the head.
You'd think it was crazy if you were just an ordinary kid in kindergarten and your class snake flew out and hit someone on the head. Um... so... When I got my letter I was excited! And confused. I mean like, Yay! I get to go to Hogwarts, But my sister didn't go to Hogwarts because she lived with Euphemia Rowle, so I have no clue what it's like. I lived with her for a few months but then my sister took me and ran away from Euphemia Rowle and got a small house for us to live in. But now she's in Azkaban, So I live alone! Anyways, my cousin is gonna go to Hogwarts too! She got her letter earlier this year.

My wand is 12 1/2 inches, slightly springy, yew, with a pheniox feather. My Patronus is an Augurey! My favorite class has to be Charms or Potions. I mean, they're awesome! Once me and my cousin were working on a project for Charms, and we forgot to bring it to class! We've gotten a few detentions. Mainly from going places after hours, or just me hiding in the library for 5 strait days while reading most of the books in the library. (I can't help it, I am a TOTAL bookworm)

2 Dementors ( 1 male, 1 female)
4 butterflies (3 male, 1 female)
1 Basilisk (female)
1 Augury (female)
2 unicorns (both girls)
1 Niffler (female)
1 Black cat (female)
1 extremely cute dog with giant ears (My actual dog, her name is Maple)

I am a girl with blue eyes, freckles, long wavy light blonde hair that I love to dye bright colors (I mostly do blue and Pink.) Call me Luna! JK. DON'T call me Luna. My sister is the Augurey, and my cousin is Sophia Greengrass-Black. It takes all my willpower not to call her Madam Greengrass, but when I do, boy is she mad.

My house: I am a total slytherclaw, really, the thing the sorting hat said when it was on my head was... SLTHERCLAW!!!, I am with the Slytherins half the year, and the Ravenclaws the other half.
Favorite book: Harry Potter 7, or The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise
Favorite color: Black or pale purple
Favorite magic animal: Augurey, dementor, or Thestral (yes i can see them, DON'T ask me who I saw die) (not irl)
Favorite normal animal: Dolphins, Horses, Wolves, and Dogs
Favorite spells: Bat Boogey Hex, Crucio (I get it from my mom)
Favorite sports: Gymnastics, soccer, ice skating, skiing, and diving
Favorite Hobbys: sewing, designing, reading, and drawing
Favorite Subject: Math
Favorite Dark Wizards: Voldemort, and Bellatrix Lestrange
Best Friends (in the real world, I don't have any friends on HiH :( ) Kayla, Victoria, and Alexis


Mollz (anyone)
Moll (anyone)
Guacamolly (SOPHIA ONLY)
Voldey (any fellow D.E, or Sophia)
MollyOlly (ask)
MolMol (ask)
Molly bean (ask)
wolfie (only sophia)

(I'll think of some more)

Credits: My cousin, Sophia Greengrass-Black helped A lot with my Backstory

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