Alexia Black


My name is Alexia Black. Sirius Black is my father. Fred and George Weasley are my best friends. My Bowtruckle's name is Apollo

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When I received my Hogwarts Letter it wasn't a shock to me or my mum, it was just so sad my Dad would not be able to find out. I am a half-blood wizard carrying the name of the house of black. I realised very quickly when arriving at the Leaky Cauldron, that telling people my name could cause me some problems while I was there. My Dad, Sirius Black is believed to have killed many muggles for Lord Voldemort but I do not believe this at all. I may have only been 2 at the time but I have always been told that my father always fought for the good with the order of the phoenix but to keep me safe we do not discuss this with anyone else.
When I arrived at Hogwarts I was so scared I would be sorted into Slytherin after all the shocked faces when my name was said. Luckily for me, I was placed into Griffindor, just like my Dad. I met twins Fred and George Weasley who are big trouble makers and the funniest people I have ever met. They decided that they wanted to be friends with me even with my families name.
Let's just see how the years go :)
So far my favourite lessons are charms and Defense against the Dark arts. I get into trouble quite a bit with the Weasley twins so have had a few detentions, however, I get good grades in my classes and strive to work as hard as possible to become an Auror. I also want to become an animagus when I am finally able to.
My greatest strength is my determination to do and be the best I can be. My weakness in that is that I prefer to work through these things alone.
I have just adopted a Bowtruckle called Apollo
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