✰Lola Slyffindor✰

Hybrid (wolf,vampire) student

"What is courage without ambition?" -Lola Slyffindor

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Challenge: 450 House Points on 25 of September √ Challenge: 550 House Points on 30 of April
-50% Gryffindor -30% Slytherin -10% Ravenclaw -10% Hufflepuff :D BRIGHT SIDE OF MY PERSONALITY :D
NEWS ABOUT ALL HIH 1. The Blue Whale is back! Stay safe and don't reply to any comment saying: "want to play a game?" For more information about this new ask in this wall

Lola Slyffindor
*Name*: Lola *Age*: *laughs* not telling! (12-15, inclusive). *Sexuality*: Not sure *Favourite classes*: Potions, Caring of magical creatures, DADA *House*: Gryffindor (but I also am Slytherin (Slyffindor)).
*Patronus*: Russian blue cat *Blood status*: Half-blood *Wand*: 10", Cypress wood, A phoenix feather core, Slightly springy flexibility *Favourite drink*: Butterbeer *Books created*: "Diary of a Gryffindor in love with the Slytherin house", "Live forever" (on progress) *Favourite Professors*: Professor Penrose (DADA), Professor von Graft (Potions), Professor Anne (Caring of magical creatures), Professor Cattercorn (Caring of magical creatures). *Favourite movie*: The Charm of secrets *Favourite book*: The Philosopher stone
Marks (I never thought my life was so interesting)FIRST YEAR: All in progress: CHARMS: 86% (E) DADA: 88% (E) HERB: 88% (E) TRANSF: 77% (A) POTIONS: 88% (E) HOM: 97% (O) COMC: 90% (O) ASTR: 62% (P) ANCIENT RUNES: 93% (O) (I know. I'm not a Ravenclaw for a reason) :)

-Ilse (Ravenclaw). My Soul Sister!! Thanks for being there and text me almost every single day! -Kitty Raventail (Ravenclaw). She was most of my dates on the balls. She is so so nice! -Faith Strange (Hufflepuff). Faith is very very kind with others and that is her most important value! Never let it go! :)

Name: Olivia Tonks Gender: Female Blood status: Half-blood House: Ravenclaw Other houses: Ravenclaw + Hufflepuff Sexuality: Straight === CAN CHANGE FOR A ROLEPLAY Brothers/sisters: Alex Gryffin (step brother) Appearance: Blond, ocean eyes, medium size Personality: Intelligent, nerd, loyal, adores gay couples Name: Dorothy Glitter Gender: Non-binary Blood status: Muggle born House: Ravenclaw Other houses: Ravenclaw + Gryffindor Sexuality: ??? Brothers/sisters: Lilo Glitter (baby brother, 6) Appearance: Light brown hair, green eyes, tall Personality: Intelligent, Teddy's best friend, likes to rap -Name: Moon Venables Gender: Female Blood status: Half-blood House: Hufflepuff Other houses: Hufflepuff + Ravenclaw Sexuality: Lesbian === CAN CHANGE FOR A ROLEPLAY Brothers/sisters: Non Appearance: Brown-blond hair, dark green eyes, medium size Personality: Bit shy, caring

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