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Really into reading and making new friends here! Beater for Ravenclaw!

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My parents always used to talk about magic- how a wizard saved their lives. I thought they were being crazy, magic couldn't exist, it went against every piece of logic I had possessed. But then I got my Hogwarts letter. I though it was a joke, just another way my parents tried to convince me magic was real. But then the actual headmaster showed up and explained everything... it was real. I was so surprised but yet excited at the thought of all the new things I could learn. It took the sorting hat a couple seconds to decide and Ravenclaw and just like that, I began my magical journey with my newly purchased wizard gear and my owl, Athena.

My dream is to become a medi-witch after I've finished schooling. My educational goals are to have straight A's and to eventually become a Prefect and maybe even Head Girl. Ravenclaw is my home, I'm finally a place where I fit in. We all help each other out and I love it here.

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