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Open for RPs of any kind just owl me.

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Name: Olivia Lilly Black

Nickname: Via, Oli, Olva or what you want to call me.

Age: 15 (20. January, Capricorn)


Dad: Tobias Black (son of Regulus Black)

Mom: Enja Potter (younger Sister of James Potter)

Siblings: Twin sister Liliane Black

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor


Names: Nala and Naila (On the Foto is Nala)
Age: 4 Years

Name: Tigi
Age: 5 Years

And an Owl named Howlie

My Life:
My Name is Olivia Black and i am real Gryffindor. I think i'm brave (maybe sometimes?) and i have the courage. My decision was immediate and i was shocked how fast it was. My favorite classes are Defence against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration and almost every other subject ;-). I don't have a class i don't like, so i'm a little nerd. I'm a half-blood but I didn't know that my father was a wizard until I came to Hogwarts. I always thought I was only a normal muggle. My Father has been an Auror in the time He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named ruled the world. Sadly he was tortured and killed, so I don't had much time with my father. I miss him. But I wan't to finish his work and free the world of the bad. I was born in Switzerland but then moved to the UK because of my father, he had a job here and this was my luck. My greatest strength is that i'm very friendly and understanding. If you have a problem then come to me. My greatest weakness is that I always do dangerous things, and don't plan them enough. After School I want to be an Auror like my dad. I think the most fascinating aspect of magic is that we can do so many things with a piece of Wood (wand). Thats amazing. I want to finish the work of my father and help all the people have a happy and peaceful life. I don't want that more people are getting tortured and killed. I have an owl at home and a cat. They are called Howlie and Tigi. They are a bit crazy but I love them. My owl makes always holes im the letters. Thats a bit annoying but i still love her. I only have a mother who lives in the muggle world. I also have a Twin sister her name is Liliane Black. She is also at Hogwarts. We love each other but sometimes we get mad at each other. My sister is in Gryffindor, we are in the same year and we do any thing together.

RP: I'm open for any Role-plays, just owl me.
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