hi i am lily i am half muggle half magical. i love to study and read like hermione i am a second year! Also i make books about my followers :)

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Lily's mother had died when she was five and was left with her father, Apollo. A year later Apollo sent Lily down to Great Britin (GB) for her safety. She had then lived with her best friend, Elsi. Even though she was happy, she wished to see her father soon. When she was ten, she and Elsi each got letters inviting them into hogwarts. Lily is currently a second year in Gryffendor. She has two pets, a kitten named Mittens and a baby dragon named Bonkers. She loves animals and will sometimes spend time with Hagrid and the animals.

About Lily

House: Gryffendor

Patronus: Otter

Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Drawing and Quiddich

Wand Core: Dragon Heartstring

Friends: Elsi (Hufflepuff), Alessia (Gryffendor) and Cami (Gryffendor)

Nicknames: Lil, Lil's, Little Lily and Lazy Lily

Full name: Lily Beatrice Lovegood

Favorite Class/Classes: Herbology, Charms and Defense against the Dark arts

Height: 4'10

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