Avery Miller


  • Joined March 2020
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 296 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


I'm a Halfblood witch, originating from America. I moved to London when I was seven for my dad's job. I received my letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on my 11th birthday. My father saw the letter and told me that he was a wizard! He explained the Wizarding World to me, and I couldn't have been more excited. Well, my mom wasn't too excited. She didn't seem to know about my dad's history or magical abilities. She threw her wedding ring at him, ran upstairs, and cam down a couple minutes later with packed suitcases. My father tried to explain to her that he didn't want her to be scared or disgusted by him, but she didn't care. She flung open our front door and ran out of it, my father chasing her with his wand out. I ran to the door to see what was happening. My mother was frozen in place on our sidewalk and my dad was muttering something with his wand drawn. Then, my mom unfroze, and seemed confused on why she was out there, and why she had suitcases, and why her wedding ring wasn't on. My dad told her she had dropped her wedding ring in the kitchen, and that they were going on a vacation. I didn't remember any vacations, but I did know my mom was once again, totally oblivious to my dad's heritage. I wondered how many times the secret came out, and my dad had to erase her memory of it. As my parents came back in with the suitcases in the boot, my father gave me a look that said, "I had to do it! She can't know!" Even though I was itching to tell my mom about my dad's heritage, I knew I didn't want my memory erased about my dad and the Wizarding World. It was now the day to leave for Hogwarts. I had all my trunks packed full with Wizarding materials from Diagon Alley. My father had even bought me a tawny owl, I named her Martha. My mother thought I was going away to an elite bordering school and wanted to see me off. Since my mother still didn't know about the Wizarding World, we all drove to a smaller, more remote train station that would take me to King's Cross. I boarded the train at 9:00, since it would take me about an hour and a half to get to King's Cross. My mother bid me farewell, and my father told me how to get onto Platform 9 3/4. Once I arrived at King's Cross I sprinted for platforms 9 and 10. As soon as I spotted them I picked up my pace and angled myself towards the wall in between them. I closed my eyes expecting to feel the impact, but nothing happened. I opened my eyes to a scarlet steam engine with Hogwarts Express written on the front. It was real! The Wizarding World was real! I boarded the train and fell asleep as we glided to Hogwarts. I woke up to the train coming to a jarring stop. Outside my window a tall castle stood waiting in the darkness of night. I big man named Hagrid escorted us to the castle by boat. It was so amazing I almost fainted. Once we entered to the school, a professor escorted us to a huge dining room full of thousands of kids. In the front of a room was a single three-legged stool with an old hat on top. The hat began to sing about houses, and what each house meant. One by one, students were called up to the stool and told to put on the hat. When I was called, I staggered up to the hat and slowly sat down as it fell on my head. It began to speak to me, telling me about my thoughts and my intelligence. Only a second later it shouted "Ravenclaw!" And I was sorted into Ravenclaw. Just like that.
Patronus: Pine Marten
Wand: 10 3/4 inches, rowan wood, unicorn hair
House: Ravenclaw
Pets: Niffler named Gary; Tawny Owl named Martha
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