Emmy Nightengale


Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. It really does make everything better. And in many ways, too! Oh, and also cats! Like Moonlight.

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Name:Emily Raina Nightengale

Patronus/Animagus: Siberian Tiger

Age: 14


Blood Status: Pure Blood, But I don't make a show of it

House: Ravenclaw

Pets: Moonlight (Cat)

Hobbies:Writing, Reading, taking care of animals, baking


Story: I live with my dad as my mom died when I was young by a sandy beach. I was born in Sweden and moved to London six years ago. My whole family has been in Ravenclaw so I was no surprise. I love animals especialy cats. I have one of my own, Moonlight, who is one. I have baked competitively, as I'm a exceptional baker and there is almost nothing I can't bake. I'm pretty shy and love writing, it helps get my thoughts out rather than saying them. I have no siblings and my dad is very nice but sometimes pressures me into getting good grades. I know I'm shy, but I do like having friends.


Name:Riley Oliver Potter

Patronus/Animagus: Logerhead Turtle

Age: 16

Sexuality: Straight

Blood Status: Muggle-Born

House: Hufflepuff

Pets: Benji the Hampster, Lilith the Owl

Hobbies: Playing with Benji, helping younger students with homework, reading

Siblings: Tessa Miri Potter (younger sister), Dylan Alex Potter (twin)

Story: Born and Raised on a farm, I've learned to love animals. But farmlife is not for me, no waking up with the sun or wearing a straw hat, NEVER. I lived on a farm in the London countryside until I was seven, then my parents started going on work trips for long periods of time, so me and my siblings moved in with my grandparents into their large house on Woodhollow Lake, near the center of London. The thing I most want to in life is go skydiving and go to the Galapagos.


Name: Elena Amelia Malfoy

Patronus/Animagus: Vampire Bat

Age: 13


Blood Status: Pure Blood

House: Slytherin

Pets: Raven the Raven

Hobbies: Terrorizing first years

Siblings: Edward "Ned" Malfoy


Roleplay Rules:
1. No Swearing
2. Correct Grammar and Spelling
3.Don't take over my actions (don't say things for me or do anything that is supposed to be my character)
4.You can use one of my other people but only Riley and Elena otherwise one of yours

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