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"and from her own ashes she became fire." ~ nikita gill

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welcome to my profile

"her aura was a warm chaos"

basic info:

full name: eslanda autumn
house: ravenclaw
sign: gemini
personality type: intp
patronus: dolphin
wand details: chestnut wood, unicore hair core, 13.75", hard flexibility
physical appearance: slender build, about 5'7 with long, curly black hair.
likes: watching quidditch games, studying for interesting classes, going for walks, cute kittens, a good book, writing, spending time with friends
dislikes: rude/arrogant people, the cold, spiders, studying for exams, heights
favorite classes: alchemy, history of magic, muggle studies, potions, ancient runes


eslanda autumn was born in london, england to a muggle-born mother and a pure-blood father, both ministry of magic employees. from a young age, she was exposed to the existence of a magical world and put in situations that would somehow bring out her magical abilities. they finally revealed themselves at age 4, when the pages of eslanda's favorite book started turning themselves on their own, at the precise time she was finished reading the previous page. the four-year-old girl was baffled, while her parents were overjoyed, going as far as to throw her a party for the occasion. at eleven years old, she began at hogwarts. the girl, who had never been particularly enthralled by her mother's length magical history lectures over the dinner table or her father's repeated attempts to fascinate her with herbology, was rather glad to get her magical education from trained professionals and also be surrounded by like-minded peers. at home, she had friends, but she'd always been somewhat alone. but, as eslanda came to learn, as the weeks at hogwarts turned into months, she was not alone; she was thriving. she soon formed a close group of friends, all of whom pushed each other to succeed and talked to each other about anything and everything. academics-wise, she was excelling, soon discovering which subjects she liked, which ones she disliked, and which ones she could see herself immersing herself in for the rest of her life. for example, she realized that the bits of information her mother had dropped in her monotonous history lectures were actually useful and interesting, but also realized that herbology was definitely not her thing. she came to love flying, and even joined the Quidditch league, much to both her and her parents' surprise. a lifelong learner and self-diagnosed writing nerd, her goal is to make the most of her hogwarts experience, and make those 7 years of her life a chapter she'll never forget. 


co-founder of the hogwarts quidditch league
founder of the hogwarts is here newspaper club [deleted]

irl facts!

writing nerd
college student
chocolate lover

"to be a star, you must burn."

thank you for reading!

p.s. if you remember me from the league or any other club, please reach out! i'd love to reconnect. or if you want to be friends, don't hesitate to message me!

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