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Keep out of my way, Malfoy, or I'll hex you to oblivion ~Ginny (or me)

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Full Name: Emerald Ginevra Potter

Nickname: Em or Emmy

House: Gryffindor


Dad: Harry Potter (half-blood)

Mom: Ginny Weasley (pure-blood)

Age: 13

Siblings: James (15), Albus (13), Lily (12)

Blood Status: Half-blood (or pure-blood)

Sexuality: Straight

Wand: cherry & dragon heartstring, 11 inches, flexible


Favorite Classes: Charms and DADA

Patronus: stag

Animagi: horse

Pets: snowy white owl (Vanilla)

Looks: flaming red hair like Mom, but messy like Dad, striking green eyes like Dad, hair either tied or let down

Family: Mom is Ginny and Dad is Harry, two brothers and a sister, many relatives/cousins, so it's hard to count, but aunt is Hermione and uncle is Ron

Well, I love Quidditch, and I'm a seeker on the Gryffindor team and extraordinary at it too, just like my parnts. I have a fierce temper like Mom and brave like Dad. I'm best at DADA, got that gene from Dad probably. Quick and steady on broom and feet. In a few roleplays/groups so far, doing well at Hogwarts. I have two accounts, lots of you know me as Holly, so yah. Two different people, wow. I'll hex you if you get in my way like Mom will, so yah. I sort of wanted to be in Ravenclaw or Slytherin, but then, I was like, nah. Gryffindor's way better (no offense to y'all). I can be nice sometimes and get angry easily sometimes.... I like to read and write in my free time and play Quidditch.

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