Valery Gaunt Riddle

I am Lady Valeroperraide

Don't mess with me, for I am the Dark Lord's sister

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Name- Valery Gaunt Riddle
Nickname- Val
Looks- curly messy dark green hair, angular face, amber almost-red eyes, thin arched eyebrows, tall & slender
Height- 5'7
Wand- 12 inches, oak and phoenix tail feather
Blood Status- half-blood
Parents- Merope Gaunt(pure-blood) and Tom Riddle(filthy muggle-born/mudblood)
Siblings- Twin brother name Tom Marvolo Riddle, Bellatrix and Narcissa(sisters-in-laws)
Animagus- snake(unregistered, but who cares?)

Voldemort's right-hand torturer. I will torture anyone who dares talk back to my brother and any loyal Death Eater of his. And will torture/kill any mudblood with Voldemort's go-ahead.
A flick of my wand, you're dead.
Loves torturing mudbloods, they're animals.
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