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When I was sorted into Hufflepuff it was a surprise, as I was almost certain I would be placed into Ravenclaw. It’s not because I’m particularly brainy per se, but because I have always been extremely creative and curious. So, when the rest of the Hogwarts students in the Great Hall watched as I quickly became a hatstall, I did grow a tad worried. Was I not the right fit for Ravenclaw? My father is a muggle (but extremely fond of the wizarding world after marrying my mother, a Gryffindor), and my two older sisters are Slytherin and Gryffindor so I guess I always thought I’d be a Ravenclaw. However, once the Sorting Hat decided I was better suited to finding my new family within Hufflepuff, it just felt right – it felt like home. I’m starting my first year a year late – my sisters and I actually used to study at Beauxbaton’s Academy of Magic, which we adored (and would love to go back) but our parents simply couldn’t afford the tuition costs and worried that the separation from our extended family would create consequences later in life. I’m adopted by my mother and father, as well as my sisters. We’re very well known in back in France – my sisters and I were found in a rather large wooden basket deposited on the doorstep of a small orphanage in rural France, just outside Paris. My eldest sister, just 4 years old, held my sister, just 2 years old, in her arms while I, a new-born, lay swaddled next to them. Our mother and father were visiting France on their honeymoon and brought us home with them. Not much is known of our family tree, apart from the fairly obvious fact that my sisters and I are at least half veela. It’s all we’ve really ever been known for, we’ve grown up with the stereotypes of seducing and charming men so we’ve learned to ignore the rumours and whispers they say around school. Being split up from my sisters into different houses was the worst part about coming to Hogwarts (although I am very grateful for our acceptance into the school) as we’ve never been apart. We even have matching tattoos – floraison on our wrists. It’s French for ‘bloom’, as we have bloomed in the face of adversity, despite the many challenges we’ve faced with our identity. We all speak fluent French, of course. I’m a powerful witch, who also happens to be an unregistered Animagus… but you didn’t hear it from me. Every summer my family goes back to our chateaux in St-Guilhem-le-Desert, Languedoc to see our Beauxbaton’s friends. I was fortunate that my family and I missed both occasions Voldemort rose to power, yet we still feel the grief that echoes through the walls of Hogwarts of those who gave their lives. On Sunday afternoons I am thoroughly looking forward to sneaking up to Luna Lovegood’s to get a couple of her legendary stick-and-poke tattoos infused with magic. I have a pet too, she’s my best friend, a petite Siamese cat called Margot who I run through the edges of the Forbidden Forest with in my not-so-human form.

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