Scarlet Mortem


Every face wears a mask.

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*Willing to join a rp or create my own, as I learn the mechanics of the site. I will be more than happy to adjust my character backstory in order to fit a RP. I realize my description may not fit in with many story lines. Feel free to @ me or send me an owl! I'm 24 IRL so I will not do any kind of romance RP if you are under age but am open to other kinds of RP regardless of age as long as it is appropriate. For those who are curious about how I chose my character Patronus and wand send me an owl and I can provide you with my resources.*

Name: Scarlet Mortem
Height: 5'5
Weight: 120 lbs
Sexuality: Straight
Familiar: None yet
Special Abilities/Interests: --
Wand: Blackthorn Wood, Dragon Heartstring Core, 11.5 Inches and quite bendy
Patronus: Raven
From: America

Scarlet Mortem is a brilliant student and has always excelled in every subject thrown her way, magical and non-magical. However, she tends to keep to herself; though not due to her inability to socialize.... in fact it seems more like this young student may have a few secrets that she rather keep hidden.

Scarlet grew up in the Americas and originally attended Hogwarts' American counter part, Ilvermorny, as a Horned Serpent. After half a year at the school she had to transfer to Hogwarts; the reasons behind it being one of the many things about her that are kept secret. Scarlet grew up in an orphanage from the time she was born and once it was learned that she possessed wizard blood she was placed under the care of a wizard named Klaus Vivianite.

*~Grades by Year and Course ~*

~Year One (In progress)~

ASTR - 101: 100%
CHRM - 101: 96%
DADA - 101: --
HERB - 101: 100%
HOM - 101: 93%
PTNS - 101: 85%
TNFG - 101: --
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