Dani Vixen

Small Student Child Thing

I’m Dani! I’m always up to roleplay so send me a starter if you wan’t! I’m really nice so if you have any questions or wanna friend owl me as well!!!

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I’m Dani Vixen. I’m a fifth year Slytherin. My parents were both muggles before they died in a robbery. They passed when I was three so I don't have much recollection of them. Soon I was adopted by a Ravenclaw couple that were great growing up. I was enrolled into a muggle school up until I got my Hogwarts letter. In muggle school I was always pushed to get good grades and I was so wrapped up in my studies that everyone thought I'd be a Ravenclaw as well. But with the news of me being a Slytherin got to them, they didn't care for me as much. (It's okay though because we're still family!) I hope anyone who finds me in the halls can become friends with me as I love meeting new people.


Sexuality: Pansexual
Age: 15 (But any age/ year works for roleplays!)
Height: 5'0
Hair Color: Blonde__Type: Wavy
Eye Color: Grey


Likes: Mint, Animals, Candy, Pastel Colors, Fluffy/ Soft things, Stuffed Animals, Books and loads more!!
Dislikes: Jocks, Spicy things (Other than hot chips, I love those), Not Fun Bugs, Rough Things/ People, Yelling and the smell of Lavender (If you like lavender then I immediately don’t trust you)
Fears: Cockroaches, Yelling, Lightning, Loud Noises
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