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When i first got my letter i told my mother. She was ecstatic. We went shopping and she told me about how it was for my dad in Hogwarts, she hadn’t been there herself. She went to Ilvermorny and met dad when on a family trip to England. Dad had been a Ravencalw and i knew that wasn’t for me.
When i came to Hogwarts i got nervous. I should have stayed in the all girls school with my friends. I was sorted into gryffindor and was met with tons of smiles.
I really like defence against the dark arts and I’d say I’m pretty good at it to. I don’t like herbology that much. I get that it is fun when you are doing the practical stuff, but i consider it pretty boring when you have to read a lot. Don’t tell profesor Rowan though.
I’m a pure blood but i don’t really care, since i have a ton of friends from my old school, and none of them are pure bloods. It has affected me in ways like how when i was younger my parents would have big dinner parties and invite tons of wizards and witches and their kids. It was fun until one night and since then I haven’t really met any of the other wizards and withes since it happened. I might meet then sometimes in the street and they’ll say how sorry they are for me and my mother, but ill just brush it of with a smile.
My greatest strength is that I’m very loyal and when I’m at my lowest i rely on faith and i know that i will be ok. I’m also extremely good at bottling up my feelings. My biggest weakness is creepy crawly death dealers, (for those of you who don’t speak sanders sides, that means spiders.)
I have an adorable black cat named Salem, she’s two years old and has blue eyes. She likes chasing creepy crawly death dealers, and climbing curtains. I’m also fairly sure she swapped bodies with a puppy, because she has the energy of a hyped up puppy.
I live in a big house and i live with only my mother and some house elves. My mother spends as much time with me as possible but sometimes when shes out working ill get babysat by uncle Stefan. He’s my mothers brother and is the total opposite of her. They were both in horned serpent but mother was more books smart while Stefan is more street smart. So he plays a lot of pranks on me and i play pranks on him.

So that was me, Irene.

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