Olivia Gray


Hey there! I'm Olivia, most people call me Liv or Via though and I'm a half-blood Ravenclaw. Have a great day <3

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Full Name: Olivia Cerise Gray

Nicknames: Liv or Via

Birthday: January 12th (Capricorn)

Gender: Female

Blood type: Half-blood

Eye colour: Light brown, almost grey

Hair colour and length: Dark brown in colour, short bob cut in style

House: Ravenclaw

Patronus: Sparrow (A type of bird)

Pets: A barn owl named Ambroise and a Russian blue cat named Estelle

Wand: Chestnut wood with a Dragon core heartstring 10 ¼" and Unyielding flexibility

Height: 5'2

Immediate family:
Madeleine Eloise Laurent ~ Mother (Pureblood, Deceased, attended Beauxbatons Academy of Magic)
Adam Elliot Gray ~ Father (Muggle)
Valerie Rose Gray ~ Older sister (Slytherin)
Noah Charles Gray ~ Younger brother (Yet to attend Hogwarts)

My name is Olivia Cerise Gray, Cerise being french for cherry. I'm a half-blood, meaning my mother is a pureblood, but my father if a muggle. I'm half French as my mum was born and raised in France, she attended Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, but on a holiday in England she met my dad and fell in love. My older sister Valerie is 5 years older than me and my younger brother Noah is 3 years younger than me. My siblings all have light brown hair and green eyes, from my mum, but I have dark brown hair and light brown (almost grey) eyes, courtesy of my dad.

I share a pet owl called Ambroise with my siblings, but the Christmas before my mum died she bought me a Russian blue cat which I named Estelle. It's been hard for my dad, being a muggle and raising 2 witches and a wizard, he's got no idea how to raise us and teach us about the wizarding world. The death of my mum was hard on everyone, especially my sister Valerie, after our mum died she started to shut everyone out and she became extremely closed off.

I remember my sorting hat experience vividly as I was really nervous, the sorting hat took it's time deciding what house to put me in. The sorting hat noted out loud that my mother was from Beauxbatons and that I was nothing like my sister for everyone in the great hall to hear. I was close to being put into Hufflepuff, but I made my way into Ravenclaw.

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