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Love yourself

Hello beautiful person. I hope your day is going wonderful. I am always looking for a friend, so post on my wall or owl me! Xoxo -Sage :)

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Sage Margherita Marshall

Boo Bear-Emilie Jones Miles

Hayley Marshall

Luna Mikaelson

17 years old

October 10th, 2001

Happily Single


Sage has dark brown hair with honey brown eyes that sometimes look yellow in the light. Her eyes are full of laughter and happiness. She has freckles all throughout her whole body. She is skinny with a good figure on her as she thinks.

Sage is a very quiet girl that keeps to herself most of the time as she has always been. But once you really meet Sage, you will find that she is a very caring and sweet girl that will always been there for you no matter what. Sage is always a very open-minded girl that is very friendly. She is often find either reading or taking photos.

Sage’s childhood was like any other little girl’s childhood but with a little twist. She doesn’t know her father, never has. She is okay with it due to the fact he died when she was young. It has always been her mom and her. Her mother is her best friend. Other than that Sage has always been a star student that always took the positive look on things and always been a good kid. Once she came to Hogwarts, Sage became a quiet girl since she doesn’t really know many people. But she is doing good in her class and wanting to make this place a good home.

~《{My Favorites}》~

Colors: Pink and Blue
Flowers: Daisy and Sunflowers
Hot drink: Tea or Lemond
Food: Mac & Cheese
Dessert: Cheesecake
Season: Spring
Song: Sunflower by Rex Orange County


-Forehead kisses
-Old style restaurants
-Girls ;)

-Rude people
-The cold
-Small spaces

~《{Pics of Me}》~

-Riley Santigo

Dear Riley,
You're such a beautiful person with an unique soul. Never let anyone change you. You are the sweetest person I know.
You are the best person I have met on this site yet.
I love you boo.
Also Luna and you are goals.

-Emilie Jones Miles Aka Bubbles

Hey Bubbles,
You're an amazing person with a beautiful soul. I love how you are so caring and sweet. You will protect those you hold
so dear no matter what. You are the one person I can tell anyone to and always been there with advice or confront.
I love you.

Thank you for reading my backstory.
I wanted to tell you a few things. Before you leave through.
You are a gorgeous human being with an unique soul. Never let anyone tear you down or hurt you. You are one of a kind, so be proud of yourself. Love yourself, I know that's hard sometimes but try for your happiness. I am always here if you need a friend. Just owl or post on my wall.

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