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You know 3 blood types?I know 4 and I am respecting all of them!

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(Note:This account is owned by Roland Targaryen)

Tall,brown hair,pale white skin,somewhat tall,peaceful, blissful,yet worried, but definitely can get deadly with his thirst for justice.Hi, I am Sebastain Hayes, and I am about tell you the story of my life, the life of a halfblood born to the "honored" house of Rosier.

Name: Sebastian Hayes
Player: rolywhateva
Gender: Male
Age: 15-25(it depends on the rp)
Sexuality: Straight
Fandom: Harry Potter
House: Hufflepuff
Wand: Willow,unicorn hair,12 inches
Patronus: Thestral
Boggart: his grandfather
Interests: Healing, potionery, alchemy,charms,spells,herbiology
Profession: healer,sorcerer

It all began when Veronica Rosier, the oldest daughter of the Rosier house, met a muggle named Johnathan Hayes.It was quite by chance,quite accidental, as my mother used to describe it.Happened fast.Flirt, joke around, gift,firl, date and repeat.They get married, in secret of course,my grandfather disowned my mom, wrote her off his will and burned her off of all the family portraits in the house,my aunts taunted her as the one true prostitute and traitor of the family, behind her back of course.Those two women never had any dignity, and will probably never have.My grandmother was the only one sane in that bunch ,too bad she had to pass away, or perhaps she got passed away?My mom can only ever wonder if her death was indeed natural.
It's quite the mess, but my folks nearly sorta forgot not to become one too.My dad's business didn't go well, and there were regular arguments based on his.. decreasing numbers.Actually, I am not going to be a hypocrite, my father that bad of a person, he just got corrupted to the point where me and mom had to move out and leave him for good, never had seen him ever since, and that might be for the better.The bad part is that the only place my mother could think of moving, is back to the house where she had grown up, and let me tell you it wasn't pleasant at all.The masked,cold treatment I got didn't help, and honestly I am kinda of a hot mess.I could keep on complaining about my family for ages, so anyway, when I went to Hogwarts, long story short I found consolation within potions and magic.I got my OWLs and NEWTs with high grades and before I knew it I got a place within St.Mungo's, which is nice.Then I decided I want to become a sorcerer.Um, what does sorcery mean?It's the science behind the making of spells.Until very recently the steps and rules regarding the making of spells had been faint and it mostly come off as random, which they still are ,admittedly, sorcery is a soft science with some gray areas, but it helps because it's easier to make spells than it has ever been, and I am eager to use them in my career.

As a healer, I know potions and alchemy, and as a sorcerer, I am good with spells(A note for people who want to pursue sorcery: it's a good thing if you have a passion other than spells,for example, if you like magical creatures, but you also fancy becoming a sorcerer, go for it.Some runes and spell properties are based of creatures, so you never know.).I can cast spells nonverbally and without wand movement, took some awful time of practice, but in the end, it's quintessential to know how to cast spells that way, some may even argue that a sorcerer must know how to cast spells wandlessly,but only a fraction can ever get to that level(Recent studies show that it's pointless anyway, but there are a few dozen that say otherwhise,see what I meant by the gray areas?)

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