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I'm Jack. On here, I'm Daniel. My characters are pretty op, because I like the overpowered character thing. I don't want any discrimination, or dissing, and I don't fucking care what you think about me. Oh, yeah, and I'm a transgender male in real life. Pronouns are he/him.
So. That's the basic outline of one of my characters, my main one. I'm going to put some factories in here now, jus' cause.
Age:21 (I'm most rps, he's seventeen or so)
Sexuality: Pansexual
Gender: I'm male. Get it right! *I'm looking at you, Izzy, even tho you're not on this site*
Personality: Seems cold at first, but slowly begins to soften out. He's very defensive of himself, and doesn't like to talk about himself.
Appearance: White hair, usually up in a pony tail, but it has a mind of it's own, and tends to fall out. Emerald green eyes that often give the impression that he's staring straight into your soul.
Outfit: He often wears a white blazer over a black t-shirt and black pants. If not that, he'll be in his work outfit: A long black coat, that conceals a green shirt and skinny jeans.
Hogwarts relationships (Not on this site, just like if he was in the series): He tries to be nice to Harry, but it often seems like he's just being creepy, and it's forced, so the two stay away from each other. He is friends with Draco, but not much more than that, she to his distancing himself from anything to do with the mainstream wizarding world.
House: Slytherin
Side stuff: (Not wizarding world): Daniel uses shadow magic, as seen in Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanfics. He also has skill with a bow and a sword (If you know it, think of Alm from Fire Emblem Echoes with Kliff's face) He's also a blader. A pretty good one, if I don't mind saying, with his bey, Desperate Donius.
Animagus form/patronus: Wolf
Okay, that's Daniel wrapped up!

Age: 15
Sexuality: Bi
Gender: Male
Personality: Tenshi can't crack a joke for the life of him, poor thing. However, he does have a sense of humor. He has a pretty laid-back attitude towards most things, but he gets worked up whenever people even say one word against him. He's been known to lose control and let rip an almighty flare of anger. Yup, he has temper tantrums. But magic ones!
Appearance: Tenshi has Sky blue eyes and an un-combed mop of brown hair that makes him look as if he's been dragged through a bush backwards.
Outfit: Tenshi wears a site vest-top with a black jumper tied around his waist and distressed jeans. His second outfit is a leather jacket over a red t-shirt and black pants.
Hogwarts Relationships: Tenshi tends to keep himself to himself, but has developed strong friendships with Neville and Luna, whom he is constantly trying to convince to go on a date. (THEY'RE MADE FOR EACH OTHER!)
House: Griffindor
Side stuff: In beyblade burst, he's the leader of Rideout, after his cousin Gabe stepped down. He's in a (sorta secret) friendship group with Lui, Wakiya and Red-Eye. His bey's Tyrant Tyranos.I
Patronus: Hawk
That's Tenshi completed!

Finn is my Pjo oc. He isn't joining to Hogwrts so this isn't going to be the same as the others. (Sorry.)I
Age: 16
Sexuality: Straight
Gender: Male
Personality:Finn is a very light-hearted individual, which is ironic, considering his father. Everything about him suggests maybe depression or suicidal thoughts, but nope. Finn is a happy-Go-Lucky teenager with the slight issue of arrogance... Uh-oh!
Appearence: Black hair that is kinda spikey. Eyes so dark a brown that they look almost black.
Outfit: Leather jacket over black t-shirt and skinny black pants.
Pjo relationships:He absolutely hates Percy. No lie. He just doesn't understand what's so important about him, why everyone seems to worship him like a god. Dude! He's only half god! The rest is mortal, like the rest of us!
Godly parentage: Hades, Lord of the dead
Skills:Death aura, Necromancy, Shadow travelling, just think of all the Nico Di Angelo moves and put them on here.
Weapons: A massive sythe . The apollo cabin taught him archery.
Yay! Now I finished Finn! I'm on a role!

Sexuality: Bi? Who knows.
Personality:Ex is well... Unique. She takes after her twin brother, Wakiya. She's arrogant and seems to try to put everyone down, but really she's just trying to help. She has a hidden soft side, and, unlike her twin, she isn't not actively tries to make friends, she just can't be bothered to put in the effort of having a friend.
Appearence:Dark red hair, Dark red eyes.
Outfit: A black cloak with a hood that stays on, NO MATTER WHAT, and a red t-shirt. Blue jeans.
Hogwarts Relationships: She can't be bothered to make any friends.
Side Stuff: Her whole backstory is very tightly woven into Beyblade burst. Her boyfriend is Lui Shirosagi (THEY'RE so cute together) And her twin's Wakiya. Her bey's Eliminate Exprose, an attack type.
Animagus form/Patronus: Mistwolf ( Don't know it, look it up. It's from avalon)

Sexuality: Most probably Pan, but haven't decided yet, cause Imma gonna choose my favourite ship for him (Wakiya x Rantaro is always good)
Personality:Wakiya is probably the most arrogant person on the planet. He tries to help, but really just ends up making things worse. He's super rich, and likes to make sure EVERYONE knows it. Tusudere. He doesn't get to make friends of he can help it. All he needs are himself and his money.
Appearance:Blond hair in a ponytail that for a over right shoulder, blue eyes
Outfit:Purple tunic with a red Dragon pattern on the left side. Yellow trimmings.
Hogwarts relationships: Just nope.
House: Obviously a Slytherin.
Side stuff:He's Wakiya! If you don't know already, he's. A character from the beyblade burst anime series. His bey is (Of course) Wild Wyvron, and he will forever be that rich boi who Dr A everything but gets no credit. A muggle.

Personality:They can be... A little... Ah, I'd rather not say, you'll find out for yourself.
Appearence: Black hair, red eyes
Outfit:A denim jacket over a white logo t-shirt and black pants
Hogwarts Relationships:Depends what you call a relationship...
Side stuff:We'll see what gets revealed...

And that's it for my ocs and stuff. If you've actually read this far, you can be treated with a tactile of MYSELF! like-minded my actual self. I know. It's a great honour. Yay you.

Name:Right. Hey. I'm called Jack. Well, I'm still waiting for my parents to get my name legally cahnged, but that's. My. Name.
Age: Why should anyone care? Age doesn't matter in here! Whatevs. I'm 15.
Appearence:Wow. I'm actually trying to attract crazy stalkerish people. I have grown hair. It's long. Uh- Hazel eyes? I'm terrible at this.I had to look in the mirror to write even this WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!
Normal outfit choices:I dunno. I wear a lot of stuff. I have a cool trans pride t-shirt that you could imagine me in. And... Distressed blue jeans? Otherwise... I have a nice Slytherin sweater.
Country:England. Don't you dare come find me!
Personality: My boyfriend told me these five words to describe myself: Dark, Rude, Easily offended (THAT'S TWO, I KNOW. WELL DONE) Introverted, Sweet.
Favourite stuff:
Beyblade burst
Percy Jackson
Yandere Simulator
Five nights at Freddy's
Doki Doki literature club
Magnus Chase
Maze runner
Kane chronicles
Fire Emblem
Relationship status: Taken by the most amazing guy who treats me like royalty, even though I don't deserve it. I love you. XX ‹3
On here, I'm looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend. My own, says it's okay if I have one in rp, so yeah. I'm open to any gender, but I do tend to lean towards people Who have a similar orientation to me, for example, trans or agender (My boyfriend is trans, in case you were wondering). Who knows? I like romance rps. One of them might stick.
Thanks for reading this the whole way without falling asleep. You are my hero. Love ya!
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