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Wood Nymph/Witch

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Name: Tigerlilly Fern Tarot.
Age: 11.
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Nationality: Scottish.
House: Slytherin.
Year: 1st.
Height: 5,1.
Weight: 45.4 kg.
Patronus: Sumatran Tiger.
Species/Blood status: Half blood. Half Wood Nymph, Half Witch.
Name: Hana
Gender: Female
Species: Kaanez saanp ( a magical breeding experiment of a Demiguise, Kneazle and a Occamy.)
Related: Hidebehind, Cat, Kneazle, Demiguise, Occamy and Snallygaster.
Native: Far East Asia.
Description: Body and head of a Kneazle, tail of a Occamy ( and wings when it chooses ) and eyes and nose of a Demiguise.
Magical abilities: From the Demiguise it can turn invisible and foresee the future, From the Kneazle it can detect distrustful people and from the Occamy it can grown and shrink in size as well as grow wings at will.
Ministry of Magic Beast Classification: XXXX

My family has a terrible wizarding reputation of dropping out of Hogwarts, being unsuccessful wizards/witches and not marrying other wizards or witches. I want to change that reputation by being the best student I can! I grew up in a forest hut in Scotland with my Naiad of Wood Nymphs, because my mum was one, and my father, a unsuccessful Wizard (he dropped out of Hogwarts so hes not very good at magic). My favorite creature is a Kaanez saanp because a herd of them near where i lived and i always thought they were the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen. My family adopted a kitten after a witch killed the rest of the herd. The witch is in Azkaban and the Kittens name is Hana, which means Flower or blossom in Japanese. My interests include art, reading, dancing, singing, playing Nymph instruments (such as harps), gardening and before I came to Hogwarts my parents and i would spend a lot of time healing sick or injured plants and animals, magical and non-magical alike.

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