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<font color="red">IDENTIFICATION:</font>
<font color="black">Name:</font> Eleven
<font color="black">Nickname(s):</font> El,
<font color="black">Alias:</font> Eleanor Alice Lensherr
<font color="black">Birthplace:</font> Hawkins, Indiana
<font color="black">Occupation:</font> Lab Experiment | Student at Hogwarts

<font color="red">MAGICAL INFO</font>
<font color="black">Ilvermorny House:</font> Thunderbird
<font color="black">Wand:</font> Mahogany wood, Phoenix feather core, 11" in length, Unyielding flexibility
<font color="black">Ability:</font> Legilimency
<font color="black">Patronus:</font> Unknown
<font color="black">Creatures:</font> Niffler Runt named Rey | Raven named Bishop
<font color="black">Boggart(s):</font> Her friends dead, Dr Brenner & Herself.

<font color="red">PERSONALITY & TRAITS</font>
Raised in Hawkins National Laboratory, completely deprived from socialization; Eleven is timid, socially withdrawn and very cautious of other people. However, she becomes fiercely protective and shows unyielding loyalty towards those who care for her.

She has severe claustrophobia stemming from being locked in a cramped room when she did not follow Dr. Brenner's demands. Due to a very limited language, she can not properly communicate her thoughts and feelings, and had no understanding of simple concepts like friendship or a promise. Her difficulties communicating often lead to her being misunderstood. Despite this, she is a quick learner and comes up with creative ways of explaining concepts, as shown when she used the Dungeons & Dragons game board to explain The Upside Down.

The use of her powers is usually triggered by episodes of intense stress and fear, thus they are sometimes released in unpredictable ways. Eleven shows a strong reluctance towards harming innocent life and had no malicious intent, but is sometimes forced to severely injure or kill people due to her extreme circumstances. She does not take this lightly, as these instances are always followed by strong emotions of guilt and self-loathing.

<font color="red">BACKSTORY:</font>
Eleven was the last in a line of children produced by Dark magic and is an experiment of the (Hopefully) disbanded Death Eaters. The only survivor of the experiments she is closely monitored by M.A.C.U.S.A. and the Ministry of Magic, just like her mother. Seeing as they feared what might happen if the pair were united, they placed Eleven under the supervision of Dr. Martin Brenner. (Whom they were unawares was a close follower of Gellert Grindelwald AND the Dark Lord, but had sought Asylum in America to do his research in peace). It is unknown what her birth-name would have been as she was labeled Eleven by the Death Eaters and given the tattoo "011" on her arm to show her place as a test subject.

Through tests they wished to discover and enhance the extent of her Magic and Psychic abilities. She has been found to be exemplary in "Wandless Magic" and the use of the Crucio curse. Like her mother however, her powers are unstable and she is thought by M.A.C.U.S.A. that she may be an Obscurial. She suffers from nosebleeds after using too much of her power. She was tortured and subjected to countless tests over her life until finally she escaped into the nearby Muggle Town of HAWKINS. After a brief encounter with a very kind Muggle named "Benny" she was forced to roam the woods for hours during an awful thunderstorm until she met: Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair and Dustin Henderson who were searching for their missing friend Will Byers. [The rest of her adventures will be in a Journal]

Upon receiving her Ilvermorny letter, she also received one for Hogwarts. Both were delivered by hand by an Auror she never quite received the name of. But his person informed her that her mother was at Hogwarts. So until preparations were made she would attend school in America. Two weeks at Ilvermorny had given her time to study what "normal" social interactions were like, but she still barely speaks a word. With her temporary wand relieved, she was sent to the United Kingdom with only the clothes on her back. Once there she was met by a Magizoologist named Owen Grady who informed her that he was very close to her mother and would watch over her. It was possibly the first time the girl had smiled since before she had to leave Mike back in Hawkins.

Her favorite place in Diagon Alley was Ollivander's, that old man was so kind. And he made her feel special. Not like everyone else had lied and told her she was, but as a person. It was hard to drag her away from all the shops, but Owen promised her she could come there a lot more now that she was free. Even though her head was shaved in a buzzcut, no one stared and she felt like she actually belonged. If only she could share this experience with her mother. They stayed with friends of the family, on Baker Street until it was time for the Hogwarts Express to arrive. Then it was even more of a struggle for Owen to get her onto the train. As much as she wanted to finally meet her mother, she was terrified to be left alone. (This is why he is at Hogwarts)

No one shared a cabin with her on the ride. But even so, all she could do was stare out the window in wonder. All those years staring at white walls and laboratory instruments, she was finally able to see the world. And couldn't wait to learn just what kind of Magic she really could do.

<font color="red">POWERS/ABILITIES</font>
Eleven was born with a vast array of natural psychical powers, most of which lay dormant until they were trained and developed at the Hawkins National Laboratory. Using these powers, she would suffer nosebleeds and become physically exhausted. In extreme cases, her eyes and face became bloodshot and she bled from her ears as well.

Telekinesis: the ability to move and influence physical objects without touching them. She demonstrated this through moving objects at will, and could even suspend people in mid air. The largest object she has been known to manipulate was a heavy van which she flung in the air and flipped on its head. The telekinesis could also be used specifically to manipulate living creatures. She first demonstrated this when she killed a guard in Hawkins Lab by breaking his neck using her mind.

Eleven also had the ability to gain information through the mind rather than the physical senses, commonly referred to as extrasensory perception. She could recognize people taken into The Upside Down from photos, though she had presumably never met them before. To some extent and with varying results, she could transmit the voice of people in other locations over electronic speakers.

Her extrasensory perception was at its strongest when it was aided by sensory deprivation and she floated in a completely darkened pool of water. Then, she could enter a mental void where she was able to observe people and creatures in different physical locations, even other dimensions. She could also make contact with them, or remain unseen while eavesdropping on them if she chose to. While in this mental void, she was still able to communicate with her physical surroundings to some extent.
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