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I'm Loretta Charleston, Ravenclaw. First year, twelve in January. I'm a half-blood and you better not have a problem with that.

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It was clear my dad always hoped I would turn out to be a witch. My older sister Joanne is one too, and she's a fourth-year Hufflepuff. He's very proud of her. When I was eight, I got cross at a boy who was teasing me and accidentally made my pencil-box zoom into his face on the playground, which was my first sign of magic. I got in trouble for it, but dad didn't care, he was just so proud. Mum's a Muggle, by the way, which makes me a half-blood. I'm glad to be a half-blood, so long as I'm not mocked for it. People poke fun at my friend Isa just because she's muggle-born, or "Mudblooded", which I think is a stupid name. Mum clearly doesn't understand the wizarding world at all. I can tell she's a bit disappointed to have two witch children because there aren't any other Muggles in the family.
My looks? I'm not particularly beautiful, or particularly ugly, if I do say so myself. I have light brown hair, slightly wavy, at medium-long length. I have light grey eyes that people always say make me look very mysterious. I'm not sure if I like that very much. I'm kind of average height, and I choose to wear things that are comfortable yet stylish. I have a pet cat named Arthur. He's a kitten, but I can tell he's a ferocious lion at heart. It's so funny to hear him try to roar.
I like Quidditch, and I want to be a Seeker or a Keeper, but you can't really play when you're only eleven. My favorite class is Transfiguration, and I also like Defense Against the Dark Arts. History of Magic is quite fascinating as well. There are some people who don't like the things we learn, but I think that's silly. Ever since I stopped going to Muggle school, I've always loved learning. I mean, we're learning magic! We're learning about magic creatures like unicorns, who we learned in Muggle school to be just fictional! I think it's so amazing.
When I grow up I want to be an Auror. Dad works at the Ministry, in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. I think he knows Harry Potter, can you believe it?
Hogwarts is the best wizarding school. Just remember: never tickle a sleeping dragon.
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