Bertha "Fluer" Maxime


I like to go by Fluer, due to the fact that my grandmother was named Bertha, and she was on the Dark Side.

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Name: Bertha "Fluer" Maxime
Age: 11
Birthday: September 25
Hair: An orange-red, like the sunset
Blood-type: Pure Blood
Eyes: A watery blue
Personality: Bright and bubbly, but at times can be moody and quite. I always like a good laugh, I'm also pretty smart.
Mother: Geraldinea Jone Maxime
Father: Faux Palistime Maxime III
Sister: Sophie Caroline Maxime
Sister: Marie Josephine Maxime
Brother: Nigel Baxtor Maxime
Brother Maximillion Fredrick Maxime
Sister: Jennavive Ave Maxime
Brother: Faux Palistime Maxime IV
House: Ravenclaw (Ilivermorny house is Horned Serpent)
Wand: Cypress wood, Unicorn hair, 13 3/4 inches, hard flexibility
Other: Parents are not happy I didn't make it into Slytherin, although I prefer Ravenclaw. I come from a line of respectable wizards and witches, although we have a rather annoying connection to the dark side.
Related to: Morgana Le Fey, a very distant relation of Dumbledor

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