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Name: Silas Scammander

Birthday: 31-03-2009

Birthplace: London, England

Blood Status: Muggle-born

Wand: 14.5 inches, Hazel, pheonix feather, hard flexibility.


General appearance:

Silas has short straight hair that gets curly when wet. He was born a natural brunette but likes to experiment with different hair colours and styles. He is fairly tall and has green eyes, but he likes to experiment with them too. He has a few freckles but they tend to show more in the winter and he has a small scar on the side of his right cheek due to an accident with an bowtruckle. He likes to wear casual t-shirts, normally in earthy colours, and he almost always wears his jeans, and he always wears his favourite shoes, dull red converses, dulled with age and use. In school uniform is almost always has a tucked in shirt and looks generally neat, but when class is over he likes to loosen his tie and untuck his shirt and thats when he looks scruffy.


Early life:

I was born to my muggle parents on the 31st of March 2008 in our small house in London, my parents didn't seem to care about my siblings and I so I had to look after them. I spent my childhood caring for my siblings and I, and navigating the streets of London. I do admit I had to "borrow" stuff from people a few times but that was because I had to for my brother and sister. From the age of 7 I discovered I could change my appearance at will, a metamorphmagus, and I loved to experiment with different hair colours and eyes colours and generally everything about me, thats why I sometimes don't look like "me". It wasn't until I was 10 when I realised I was a wizard, it happened when I made a apple from the market stall float towards me and fall into my bag, I got a good beating from the owner of the stall but he luckily didn't tell the police about me.

During the summer of 2020 I got my school letter from Hogwarts stating I was asked to join Hogwarts, of course I accepted. On August 19th I got an Owl from the Ministry Of Magic saying I would be taken to Diagon Alley to get my school supplies, this is were I got my first wand, later had to get a second due to my brother breaking it. Diagon Alley is also were I discovered my love for magical creatures, I saw tons that day and I loved them. You will probably always see me reading a book about them, my favourite is 'Fantastic beasts and where to find them' by Newt Scammander. I know I share a last name with him, but I have no idea if I am related to him or not.

On September 1st I got onto the Hogwarts Express and got taken to Hogwarts, where I was sorted into Ravenclaw, but there was a discussion wether I should be in Hufflepuff or not. I am still trying to find my feet as I much prefer to spend my time in the Forbidden Forest looking for magical creatures, or studying in the library.

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