Amir Henry Blackmore

"And it's Mr. Blackmore to you."

Hello I'm Mr. Blackmore a very powerful Purest blood family nice to meet everyone . Ta Ta for now Gents and Ladies.

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Hello everyone I just wanted to let you know that when you first Rp with me call me Blackmore and once we become friends on here then you're aloud to call me Amir or any nickname you'd like to Pease and Thank You!


My Fandoms


  • Fear Street 1994

  • Harry Potter

  • Walking Dead 

  • The 100th  

  • The Last Kingdom 

  • Stranger Things 

  • Until Dawn

  • Yu-Gi-Oh

  • Dragon Ball Z



My Muggle Ideas


  • Any Forbidden Rp [Like for example brother x sister or Father x daughter]

  • Fantasy

  • Romance

  • FxM MxM FxF

  • Any type of Rp Really [Just let me know the general Idea of it then we can go from their]



Now as for the Blackmore house we go way back as were more powerful than the Malfoy’s and Black’s as were are very familiar with the Weasley Family and the Malfoy’s and a little bit of the Blacks but are blood isn’t normal due to us being the purest pureblood are blood is black instead of red like others. 



My Family History


Mother: Nimrah Calderon [Also a pureblood as everyone in my family is]

Father: Finnian Blackmore

Baby Sister [Only four years younger as she is only 8]: Sachin Mackenzie Blackmore

Younger Brother: Abdur-Rahman Prentice Blackmore

Twin: Kali Galloway Blackmore


As for me I am 16 years old as I’m in my 5th year at Hogwarts [Only for Rp use though.]



Now for my Patronus it’s a Ginger Cat


As for my wand it’s Redwood Wood with a Dragon Core and it’s 12 ½" Length and also Quite Bendy flexibility.

Now as for my Boggart: Wolves

Armentiani love potion: Sugar Green Apples Cinnamon, and a little bit of grass [do to my love of Quidditch as I play as Beater] 

[I know it's spelled wrong don't comment please]

I am a registered Animagus which is a ghost Fox. 


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