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(This is all fiction. I am not German, it is just a character)

Eileene grew up in a rich, prestigious German family. Her last name, 'Huber' is the German word for land-owner. In her world, she was like a pureblood. But in the Wizarding World, she was a muggle-born.

She was always an unusual child, and strange things seemed to occur wherever she would go, but everyone just said it was a sign that she would grow to be a feared member of the family. And nobody could question her anyways, she was part of one of the richest families in the area. But her parents were worried. Her older sister who Eileene was never told about, had been the same, and a letter from Hogwarts arrived in the mail too. They tried to remain hopeful, but their fears were proven right.

A few days before her 11th birthday, her letter arrived. Her parents were horrified that yet again, their daughter was a witch. They threw her out, leaving her at Diagon alley where she had to fend for herself. She was helped out by a few kind people, and she ended up at Gringotts where her sister had left her some money. She was shocked to learn that she even had a sister, let alone she had gone through the same thing was going through now. She left Gringotts with a pocket full of money and confusion.

She stumbled across, or perhaps he was searching for her, a wizard in his early 20s who would not tell her his name found her, claiming to know her sister from school and that she looked just like her helped her buy her items and told her about the magical world. She brought a sassy Great Horned Owl and named her Casey. The wizard then assisted her on her journey to Platform 9 and 3/4, and left telling her he would write to her. Deeply confused and grateful, she waved goodbye to the man and left on the Hogwarts Express, unaware that she was about to have the best seven years of her life.

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