Hello my Slytherin brothers and sisters let's all be dicks and b****** today

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Hello everybody in this world I'm new to this as well so don't be mad if I don't know what the heck to do half the time I'm going to have fun like I am on being a Slytherin so let's have fun everyone and be the best Slytherin and evil person that we are

So everyone my name is cookie but that's not really my name at all it's a secret my family is a whole secret actually but we lived a very long line with a Hogwarts. We're not human well my mom needs to be a human, but my dad turned her into a vampire so now she's a vampire witch Woman, but we're all witches and vampires and all that sorry I'm rambling. Let me tell you about my family's history my mom, beautiful serenity fell in love with my father witches. You won't believe it the king of all the vampires. Yes, Dracula himself my crazy, lovable dad who loves all his children's and fellow subjects just like he loves my mom. oh sorry , let me tell you a little bit about my mom and my dad. It's gonna be a long story and I hope you already to hear it. My mom was a witch a first year then my father attended school. He was a teacher and everyone still in love with him because you're sexy and handsome at the same time which I won't blame them. My father is sexy, even if he wasn't  Vampire he was still be sexy, but he fell in love with my mom somehow in someway oh and let me describe her to everyone, my mom is African-American and my dad found that was my mom at first sight which is so beautiful and romantic and I hope the hell I found the love of my life right now I'm just having fun being a first year of Hogwarts and I'm loving it. I also have a lot of older siblings. You guessed it. I am the baby of the family and everyone treats me like that which I hate, but also love at the same time because I can get away with a lot of things but it's sometimes boring, let me tell you that my older siblings have a lot of them but we're going to the first the eldest the firstborn of my mother and father my sister has white silver hair just like my mom and yes, my mom has white hair and the most gorgeous, white eyes too she looks like storm from X-Men literally looks like it but she's not really she isn't control the weather like her which sucks I wish you could but AnyWho, my sister is sweet, but she also has my father's rage literally but don't cross her literally don't she has red eyes like my father and sometimes it's scary, but not all the time she is sweet and she has a beautiful girlfriend she's a werewolf by the way she's so cute and bubbly like me now enough with my oldest now my second older sister her name is Rosie and she is just my mom's personality. She's sweet and kind and nice to everyone and she looks like my mom, identical twins almost but not really she has her ups and downs just like a normal person will have and she's just having fun being a model right now and yet she's in the modeling industry. You can look her up literally now my second sister , Cynthia know she is like my dad personality wise but she does have his black hair but she has my mother's eyes. Will tell you a lot of story about those eyes. She's quiet sometimes but not all the time. If I'm in danger, I need any help? She comes and helps me and rescues me  and she loves books. She is a nerd just like my mom now I have an older brother he's sweet too but he's literally like my dad from the hair to the eyes to body and his attitude and strength to he's Loosli the one that gets in trouble the most, but he has found the love of his life  and they're planning on getting married now for my other brother. Ezekiel is the crazy one the really crazy but we all love him. His personality is a mixture of my mom and her dad. Yes I'm talking about my grandpa know Ezekiel. He has some problems when he was born he was captured as a baby and also been tortured by wolves  and everything but we still love him even though he is not the person I remembered he is slowly coming back slowly not all, but slowly now we're talking about Sheldon, my other older brother he is literally what you call an emo kid. Literally he likes wearing black everything but he has my mom's hair eyes but he has a personality of not really giving a shit he acts like he don't give a shit, but he actually does secretly if I get in trouble or anything at school he usually kicks her asses, usually they always be in the hospital because my brother does not play. No I have is called Angel there's no sweetest person you'll ever meet in your entire life. Literally she is like an angel of love but she does have her Cortines that we all love she is like , my mom, sweet and innocent sometimes she's been really drooling over a boy and her cousin is friends with a boy. His friend doesn't know that we are vampires and witches, but we do go to alternate Aliti's different timelines to see if that's short and we like to pretend that we're humans and hang out with them in between like we get herded, injured or anything, but  that's it and there's sometimes we Scripps and timelines not a lot but sometimes now it's just me the baby of this whole group of children I'm not gonna tell you my real name you're just going to have to call me cooking for now and I am the baby of the family. I am mixture of both of my parents. I have my dad, black hair and his red eyes but I have my mom's personality but I also have my dad's rage and also I have a beautiful pet snake who is K? She is a beautiful anaconda snake, which she is very most overprotected of me more than my siblings are literally she follows me everywhere I go and she doesn't hesitate if anyone tries to hurt me or tried to talk me she will go after you like a wild beast like Millie ever and she does not care just me the counselor TRICARE executor said that field my beautiful Keith ate her then she had some diarrhea after that but it's OK it's my family. I hope y'all enjoy it. I love everyone but don't think I won't hesitate to kick your ass. Oh, and also I am the only one in my family who has a disability none of my siblings has it which is quite strange I'm the only one who can't read or write and I can normal person does, but I do my best to fit into the world this crazy world we have, thank you for listening and have a great day. Love you oh and also another fun fact I'm a Kawaii girl me and my both sister a kawaii if you don't know what that is look at it and the sister I'm talking about is Angel I rambled too much now. Have a great day stay scaly everybody today

My hobbies are-cooking taking care of animals and tending my garden.


Interest-I like to learn about everything even though I have a disability I still love to learn.


My music taste-I like rock and roll punk rock metal sometimes and even rap and hip hop.


Movies-transformers/pirates of the Caribbean all of them/fast and furious.


Video games-assassin's Creed/resident evil.


If you do see my wall if you want to read it it's fine but this is kind of role place that I like to do I have no trigger warnings at all let's get started on the ones I like


Role plays I like to do 

Vampires it could be anything mail on now female and female Transit trends anything I don't care what your character is at all


Ragnarok the anime on Netflix

Any kind of romance enemies to lovers or childhood best friends

Dominate or submissive

Any video games or movies

Mafia or assassins

Any anime if I know it

TV shows if I know it as well

Or anything else

Teacher x student or boss and client




Now role plays that I won't do

Harry Potter

Incest I do not care I do not do that even though I will do any kind of role play I do not like that at all

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