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DADA just teaches me that all the things I wanna do are bad ._.

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"They will have the same schooling experience as any other Witch or Wizard. . "

Or so they said. Oh hi were you looking for a friendly introduction? Kinda at the wrong place for that. I'm Lilith, don't forget it or I'll forget you. I don't have time to remind people of such. . things of little importance. 

My story? Born in Azkaban. Raised in Azkaban. Cruel? Perhaps. But that's life, cruel. Just as people are. My mum was a witch, pureblood. duh! Had a bit of nasty trouble with some bad people including my dad (Who I don't even know except from what little my Mum speaks of him). Landed her in Azkaban, where she had me.

Honestly, I thought I'd never leave till the Headmistress of Hogwarts showed up outta the blue with the "Minister of Magic" or whatever the woman was called. They said I could go to Hogwarts. I didn't even know what that place was till I actually arrived. It's a school. If I would've known that I think I would've stayed in the dementor-infested prison. . thanks.

Limitations of course do apply for me. . and the Ministry of Magic supposedly has a way of knowing every spell I use. Stalkers. Oh and the teachers! I swear they watch my every move. This place makes me feel like a bird in a cage.

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