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Hi, I’m Lizzie! My full name is Elizabeth Marie Reynolds, but everyone calls me Liz or Lizzie. My birthday is May 13th. I'm originally from South Carolina, before moving to London. That's when I got my acceptance letter. My family isn't the typical Slytherin family. All of my family are Muggles, though I suspect my grandmother and aunt are witches. The facts that I'm Muggleborn is hard, being a Slytherin, but I don't mind. Most people suspected that I was a Pureblood, until it came out in a game of truth or dare (thanks Malfoy). I'm the oldest of 3, so my brother and sister may be magical too! I'm a HUGE Swiftie and Harrie, even though I KNOW THEYRE MUGGLES BUT I DONT CARE THEY ARE THE BEST. I'm friends with all of the houses, so let's be friends!


YEAR: 1st

HOUSE: Slytherin

BLOOD STATUS: Muggleborn

WAND: Pine wood with a phoenix feather core, 12 1/2 inches, rigid flexibility

PATRONUS: dragonfly

FAV CLASS: don't have one

LEAST FAV CLASS: Astronomy (i need a study buddy)


FAV MUGGLE SONG: Sweet Nothing by Taylor Swift, Little Freak by Harry Styles, and Feels Like by Gracie Abrams

FAV FOODS: strawberry poptarts 

FAV MUGGLE BOOK: Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover, Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren

FAV DRINK: Coke Zero

FAV COLOR: light aqua, pink, 

FAV MUGGLE SHOWS: Outer Banks, Bridgerton, Law and Order SVU



MOM: Diana Grace Reynolds

DAD: Henry Scott Reynolds

GRANDMA: Alexia Ruth Reynolds

GRANDPA: Hamilton Maxwell Reynolds

SISTER: Caroline Raymie Reynolds

BROTHER: Henry Scott Reynolds Jr. 

AUNT: Elena Ruth Reynolds

PETS: Ragdoll Kitten named Daphne/Dalmatian named Lucy/Pitbull named Sparta




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