Natalie Slytherin.

student, Pure-blood, Hair of Slytherin.

IM NATALIE SLYTHERIN DAUGHTER OF SALAZAR SLYTHERIN AND ARTEMIS (goddess of the Hunt) pure-blood, Slytherin house,1 sibling Newt & 1 adopted sibling Scorpius.

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The hair of Slytherin is back!

I'm the daughter of Salazar Slytherin and I've come for revenge.

wand length: "10" inches
wood: "Elder Wood"
Contains: "Phoenix feather and a Thestral Hair"      
I have a wand made from elder wood. The wand made from the rarest wood is yours, but before you smile, know that elder wands are said to carry bad luck with them - or so superstition says. The truth is that very few people find their matches with elder because these people are destined to have legendary fates.

Name: Natalie Slytherin.

Patronus: my patronus is a Baslisk.

boggart: My father because Im scared people will find out who I am.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin.  
Family house: Slytherin.        
Blood: Pure Blood.  

What I want to be when I'm older: "Auror" but I'll betray them when a super bad slytherin villain comes.

Things I do for fun: write books and hangout in the chamber of secrets.    

pets: owl, dog, cockatoo (a cockatoo is a very large funny bird, look them up on you tube and you'll fall in love with them)

siblings: Newt. 

Parents: Artemis (the Greek goddess of the Hunt)  and Salazar Slytherin (the founder of slytherin)   

Language: English, Spanish, and parseltoungue.

becomes a Death Eater in her 1st year.    

Auther of "The maze runner" and "Natalie Slytherin and the dementors kiss"
When I was a little girl a lethiold haunted me for about a year (a lethiold is a shadow that tries to suffocate people in there sleep and very few people have survived them) 

looks: curly blonde red hair that goes a little passed my shoulders, sea greeny -blue eyes, freckles, and short.

      try to read the code! Then tell me what it says by owling  me!

.. .-..-. -- / .... . .-. . / - --- / -.- .. .-.. .-.. / .... .- .-. .-. -.-- / .--. --- - - . .-. --..-- / .- -. -.. / .... .. ... / ..-. .-. .. . -. -.. ... -.-.-- 

    One person has gotten the code right!          



now a little bit about me.....

I attend Hogwarts when I'm eleven I live with the Malfoys because my family is dead. I look for the chamber of secrets and study everything I can find abou the chamber and in my 2nd year I find it and open it, I breed baslisks and all that blah blah blah. In my 3rd year I find a potion in a mysterious box in the room of requirements. The potion brings back people who died so I brought back Lord Voldemort and Gallert Gryndelwald! In my 4th year it was chaos because of voldemort and grindelwald. There was war and death, the famous Harry Potter tried to defeat lord voldemort again, because he'd done it once why not twice? It failed I shot the killing curse at him and he died awesome me! In my 5th year the baslisks hatched! We had a total of 7 baslisks! (Why seven idk it just happens to be a lucky number in the wizarding worl) I the evil Natalie Slytherin controlled the baslisks with parseltoungue. Voldemort and I cannot speak parseltoungue to each other because over the centuries parseltoungue has changed so I don't understand it it's more English and parseltoungue than parseltoungue. In my 6th year we won the war but now it was was only the prisoners and the villains aka Voldemort Gryndelwald and me! So we did a fight to the death Gryndelwald defeated Voldemort and I defeated Gryndelwald because I hunted down all of Gryndelwald stupid horcruxes and destroyed them! The horcruxes were: his wand, his snake ring, his fake eye, and his shoe. All things that he keeps with him at all times I mean who doesn't keep there wand, ring, eye, and shoe with them? I killed him became rich and found the dead body of my fattier and saved him with the last of my potion, and I lived happily ever after........ maybe not maybe there's a new villain a villain worse than both of those other villains combined worse than everything you've ever imagined! Who could it be though? What if I had brought him back to life without knowing he would be horrible? 
the new villain would be Salazar Slytherin! Who would bow down to Salazar Slytherin and who would try to have war against him? What is the magic Salazar Slytherin has he doesn't move his mouth or have a wand and it's more powerful, and he's teaching it to me! Will I have to face my father because he's destroying the world? So many questions. 

if you want to read my books they are in the library and I'm starting a new book series that is 100% about me and the first book will be called TiMe TrAvEl! And the series will be called The Hair of Slytherin! If you like my books that's great and if you have any book ideas but don't know how to start it he book I will write the book for you saying that I wrote the book but the story came from.....  whatever your name.


check out all of my books I'll be trying to write a chapter a week most likely on Sunday afternoons or Sunday evenings but I may do some on Saturday too. Or just random days a week when I have time.

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