Spensa Riddle.

Student, daughter of lord Voldemort.

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    I'm Spensa the daughter of              
                                       Lord Voldemort.    
if you want a profile pic or profile cover photo just owl me and I can make one for you my profile pic is one of my designs.

my life has always been planned out for me since the moment I was born my father decided I would be 2nd in command when he ruled the world he'd always have plans for me to go to special places where I couldn't run away he would leave the house often which you would think made you free but I was actually less free he always had something for me to do if it was fun or not, but when he disappeared you think maybe I'd be free but no I went to go live with the Malfoys and then my life was being controlled again I had breakfast then study then free time which wasn't free because people should have things for me to do then lunch then free time again then tea time then study then nap then dinner then quidditch practice then quiet time before bed then get ready for bed then bed. I did that every single day for years until I went to Hogwarts I knew I would be free at Hogwarts so when the day finally came I was so excited but when I got to Hogwarts I realized I was far from being free now some kids who were the closest thing to friends I had controlled my life   
"Ooh let's go do that"   
"Oh let's go do that come on Spensa hurry up"    
"Aaaw class time that sucks hey Spesa after class wanna do this?"    
pit would be like that all day everyday and my life sucked.

name: Spensa.   
nickname: Spin.  
blood: I'm a half blood because my father was not a pure blood but my mother was: Bellatrix Lestrange/Riddle
family house: Slytherin.
Parents: Lord Voldemort/Tom Riddle and Bellatrix Lestrange.     
siblings: none.
wand: Elder wood, Phoenix feather core with some unicorn dust.
 Language: English Parseltoungue.    
books: none right now but I'm going to start one soon.   
Eye color: bright blue.  
hair color: brown with some blue stripes.   
height: short.   
face: smooth. 
Clothes: Hogwarts robes or ripped jeans and a loose shirt.     
favourite place in Hogwarts: classrooms or common room
favourite food: apple crisp crumbs.  
favourite subject: all of them.   
favourite book: Any book by Natalie Slytherin, Skyler Gryffindor, or Addison Grindelwald.   

If you want more info about me just owl me and I'll put it in my back story.

and if I write a book it will be called: Spensa the daughter of Lord Voldemort.


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