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Hey. Follow me before 6/17/2021. Read my backstory to find out more.

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Hey everyone, my name is Vivian Hill. I am leaving HiH very soon and I'll tell you why. My parents are trying to make me get an arranged marriage with some guy named Rashti and he was the snobbiest person I ever met. I spent 2 days with him and I knew I would NEVER want to see him again.

I tried to confront my parents about this but they found him a wonderful gentleman. I decided that I wanted to live my own life so I packed my bags and left. I ran away to an apartment in Washington (The one near the pacific ocean). I lived in peace for about 3 months. In Washington, minors can leave their parents but only if the parents constantly contact them. It is a law. They keep showing me possible suitors but I treat them like trash and they leave.

My parents finally tracked me down and found me. I can only truly leave them where they can't find me when I turn 18 an adult.
My 18th birthday is on June 17th which is the last day of my school! So, I have enough money saved to buy a plane ticket. I plan on going to England on June 17th, somewhere they will never find me! That is why I have to leave HiH. My parents will probably look through my apartment stuff and I will have to destroy the evidence.

Special thanks to Lily and Jaqueline for being great friends to me! Please follow them I have their profile links on my page!!!

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