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I am a first year and while the sorting hat sure took it's time deciding where I should go, I ended up where I belong, in slytherin.

My family still believed me to be a squib right up until my hogwarts letter came. They're happy of course, it saved them from having to explain how such a good and pureblooded family could produce a squib but honestly they won't ever believe I truly have magic... until I prove myself to them. That's why the hat ended up putting me in slytherin, the drive to prove the excellence of my magic is my main goal. It goes above a thirst for knowledge as it's not the actual knowledge that I yearn for. It's the acknowlegement of my knowledge. 

My favourite classes are tied between DADA and Charms because they demonstrate the most obvious use of my magic and are the most easily practical ones. For example, you more likely to use your wand as a source of light (charms) then find a plant which lights up (herbology) or transfigure a working light (transfiguration). Also, in my household learning to defend yourself is a key skill as my parents were on the losing side of Voldemort's wizardign war making them and by proxy me a target.

Astromony is boring. I don't like it, I will drop it as soon as possible. It can serve a practical use, I recognise but I just don't see myself personally choosing a path where it would be neccesary beyond the basic level. Obviously this doesn't mean that while I am learning this basic level of it I will ignore it as this information while dull, could be useful.

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