Life is not the promise of vibrance. It is the opportunity to seize it.

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Rosalie Duffins went through life unnoticed. She had never been a top student, won a game of Quidditch, or played a school-wide prank. Not one of her muggle professors had ever stopped pushing her to go further. She was obviously intelligent, they would tell her parents. If she would just try a little harder, she would be phenomenal. Write a few more pages, Rosalie. Why don't you take that book instead? Have you considered looking at that another way? The young girl learned to tune everything out. She didn't want to bother with anyone else's opinions. She didn't see the point in striving for more when she was already happy being average.

With her limited knowledge of the wizarding world, she wasn't surprised when, after a moment or two of murmuring, the Sorting Hat sent her off to a table crowded with students wearing far too much green for her taste. As soon as realized what that hue meant to the school, though, she became thoroughly confused. She wasn't ambitious. She was calculating and confident, yes, but she had yet to be described as ambitious or cruel.

Still, Rosalie was an expert observer. She had spent years before Hogwarts studying her classmates and friends. She was adept at recognizing social cues and the proper responses to emotional problems. She was certain that, with a bit of time to think, she would find her place at Hogwarts, and she did.

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