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Hi, nice to meet you I am Synn Herphine. I'm a student at Hogwarts

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I'm muggle-born. when I was 7 my magic first awakened and when it did I was playing with everyone on the playground when someone stole my favorite red piece of sidewalk chalk and I got really angry and I accidentally blew up the person's hand. My parents didn't know what was going on so I was sent to multiple different hospitals and labs for most of 3 years after that incident. When I was 10 years old at a park I saw some other kid do something weird like I did so I asked them if I was weird and they said that I wasn't weird. They said that I had magic in my blood which meant I was a witch / wizard and we became good friends and I learned her name and she taught me all about wizard in culture and magical stuff and then I got my letter and she got hers and she asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her and I said yes and I ran away from my parents that day to go shopping with her and well I came back home that night. My parents were worried sick though I don't know why they didn't seem to care about putting me through all those labs and testing and stuff why am I talking about this? I don't think this is what they meant by backstory. anyway we went to Hogwarts and I was placed in Hufflepuff she was put in Ravenclaw and here we are. I'm sorry to any of you who actually read this.

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