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Name: Lyla Brandish

Age: 18

RP Age: 12

Birthday: December 22nd

Blood Status:  Pureblood

Interests: Quidditch, Gaming, Studying

Favourite Classes: History of Magic, Flying and DADA

Backstory: Coming to Hogwarts, I already hd a preconcieved notion of what to expect from magic, due to growing up in a wizarding family after all. However nothing could have prepared me for the sheer expandability magic holds. From a young age, I have always been interested in quidditch, I earned the nickname "our little chaser" from my parents at age 5 and they haven't let it go since. I get on with my parents well, but there have been some aftermaths of the Wizarding War which are to saya regrettable. Like many other pureblood families, my parents sided with He Who Must Not Be Named, this earnt my dad a 10 year sentence to Azkaban, with my Mum only narrowly escaping punishment due to thge newfound news that she was pregnant with me. I guess my heritage would explain why I have always felt an unruly draw to the dark arts, it fascinates me in more ways that I could explain, after all, any magic is beautiful.

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