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(Younger Student)I was sorted into Hufflepuff, I guess because I've always tried my best to be the most kind I can be, although sometimes I do make mistakes...bad ones. I can't exactly remember how long it took for the hat to decide, I have a terrible memory. I mean, I do quite like potions, its quite fascinating, and we use them practically every day, but also herbology! I love plants, and have many on my windowsill at home. I hope my mum is watering them, it would be a shame for me to return and they would be all dead. I'm not the best at spells, Latin is SO hard to pronounce, and I always forget the spell movements. at least in potions all I gotta do is follow a recipe. I am a pureblood, although I don't think it matters that much, however, everyone else in the wizarding society seems to think so. Oh geez, I prefer not to talk about when You know Who was in power, it was really hard on my mum, and when I talk about it I get massive memories that I prefer to keep...buried. I'm not sure what my greatest strength is, I'm so sorry. Uh, well, I'm not good at maths, I'm pretty clumsy and I somehow manage to make all conversations awkward. I have many more weaknesses, but those are all the ones I can remember from the top of my head. After I finish Hogwarts, well, that is quite far away. I will probably look into becoming an author, writing poetry id quite fun, so I think with just some practice I could write a book. Well, I find you can do pretty much anything with magic, that's what's so special. You can use it for good some people...Like I said earlier, I do try to help people as much as I can, and I do use magic a lot in order to do that, but sometimes there are needs I have, which magic does help with, it's not bad to do both, you know? What I really want...well, I will need more time to think about that. Aha! I do have a pet. At home I have a big german shepherd called Angel and I currently have my frog with me, called Mars. My family really isn't interesting, if I have to be honest. My dad is called Raphael and my Mum is called Annabel Lee. My sister is Lottie, and we live in London, in quite a sheltered and secluded place. The house is old and battered but I love it. It's home.

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