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being a potter IN SLYTHERIN was weird for alot of people when i was sorted into my house in this year (first year at hogwarts) i actually wanted to be in slytherin and that's what the sorting hat chose for me,it took the hat so long to decide since i had what every griffindor and slytherin needed. students in hogwarts started thinking that i'm evil just like all the other slytherins or that maybe i'm a death eater...but the first goal i had in mind after getting sorted that if i became a slytherin i want to prove for everyone that not all slytherins are bad! soon i prooved this to alot of people and i became bestfriends with ron,hermione,fred,goerge (with a little help of my brother harry) and DRACO MALFOY WHO USED TO HATE ME and made some other friends of course...
my favorite class is the potion class and i also like herbology class alot! my favorite hogwarts teacher is actually proffesor snap, i like miss maconagol too but not as much as proffesor snap lol. i love spending time with ginny and if i am not studying or hanging out with my friends you can find me in the hall playing chess with ron or i could be in the slytherin common room,after midnight i sneak out and go to hagrid :) it's always fun,peaceful,and comftrobale to talk with hagrid in midnight :).
harry was so chocked when he knew i'm a slytherin but supported me 'til the end because he knew i wasn't a bad slytherin. my pet is an owl his name is winky, weird i know but let me explain to you why i choosed this name: Here’s a weird and funny fact — owls have three eyelids. One is used for blinking, one for seeing and one for keeping their eyes clean. Cue in your gasp! It’s truly fascinating, right? They definitely deserve the name Winky. :) here's something else you need to know about me: even tho i'm a really good person but i still got a really dark side that i can show any moment;) i'm full of secrets some of them you can't and will never be able to know, some of them a day will come and you'll find out about them and you'll be speechless :)

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