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I'm a muggle-born. I was adopted into a strict house with parents who don't believe anything that's out of the ordinary. It was hard growing up because I thought something was wrong with me. I went to muggle schools and was bullied for being weird. Until one fateful day I got a letter. My "parents" thought it was some kinda of bordering school, so they packed my bags and dropped me off at King's Cross Station. I was nervous and confused. A huge man bumped into me and asked me my name. "Neona Meadow sir" He picked up my letter i dropped and said "Why hello Im Hagrid, uh-eh follow me deary" We went through a WALL!! After he asked me my size in "clothing" and told me he with be back to take me to some wand store called Ollivanders. I found a seat in a empty booth. Suddenly a boy came in with his friend. They were chatting til they noticed me. "Oh hi I'm Ron Wealsy and this is Harry P-p..." The other boy interrupts " Harry, I'm just Harry" He looks at Ron. "Ok uhh I'm Neona Meadow and I have no idea what's happening. They both look and you and laugh. They explain what's going on and talk with you. Later a girl comes in Hermoine.
And that's how I met my 3 bestfriends. I'm now a 3rd year and my life is amazing!!!

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